hShaun Stacy Zachary Latrell Stacy is a wealthy American football running back who debuted in the league on April 9, 1991. The Saints selected a player in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL. Louis Rams selected him. He participated in football for Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

In addition to the New York Jets, he played for the Memphis Express and Saskatchewan Roughriders. Having reached 31 this year, I was born on April 9, 1991. Zac, a former NFL football player, earns a livelihood through employment. He became well-known after being praised as the best player from 2013 to 2019.Zac Stacy’s net wort


Zachary Latrell Stacy, known as Zac Stacy, grew up in Centreville, Alabama. He lives there and is an American citizen. In high school, he played football with a lot of enthusiasm. He obtained a particular education degree from Vanderbilt University after graduating from Bib County High School in Centreville, Alabama.

Zac Stacy parents raised him in the US. Justin Stacy is the only relative of his mother, Barbara Stacy (his brother). His personal life is not mainly well known other than that.


Zac Stacy was a football player. He broke the Vanderbilt rushing record and received the MVOP Award in 2011. His record for the longest rush at Vanderbilt was broken a year later. The Louis Rams selected him during the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He carried the ball the most against the Seattle Seahawks, gaining 134 yards on 26 carries.

Zac Stacy missed most of the season due to his broken ankle against the Buffalo Bills. He was picked as he was categorized as injured. His retirement from the NFL was announced on February 16, 2017. A year later, he signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL. The Alliance of American Football signed Memphis Express.

Wife of Zac 

Stacy Zac Stacy has not yet wed. He was romantically involved with Kristin Evans. Despite having a child together, they split up. It is unknown whether Zac Stacy is dating now because he hasn’t made it known.Zac Stacy’s net wort

Zac Stacy child

The child born to Zac Stacy, 31, and his ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans in 2021 is their only child together. Their name is unknown, though.

Zac Stacy net worth

Zac Stacy’s estimated net worth is $6 million. He gained fame after being touted as the best player from 2013 to 2019. Zac earned $1.7 million during the course. Louis Rams player, but he also suffered $33,000 in losses. His sources estimate that he will make about $250,000 per year in 2022. His company salary and brand advertising are his main sources of income.

Residence and Assets of Zac Stacy

NFL player Zac Stacy is of American descent (as per knowledge). On April 9, 1991, Zac Stacy was born in Centreville, in the United States.

According to acknowledge, Zac Stacy will have a net worth of about $6 million by 2022. This famous person earns a modest living in his area of work.


Who is Zac Stacy, first?

She was known as an NFL player, Zac Stacy. Zac Stacy, who became 31 years old on April 9, 1991, was born.

 How much money is Zac Stacy worth?

NFL player Zac Stacy has a 6 million dollar net worth. The day of his birth was April 9, 1991.

 How much does Zac Stacy weigh?

The successful NFL player Zac Stacy is 98 kg in weight. From the article above, learn more about Zac Stacy.

 What is Zac Stacy’s height?

NFL player Zac Stacy is 1.8 meters tall.

What is Zac Stacy’s age?

The day of his birth was April 9, 1991. In his 31 years, Zac Stacy.

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