Many start-ups, as well as big IT companies, are trying to create IoT platforms that are feature-rich and intuitive and can fulfill the needs and expectations of their clients. It is rare that IoT service providers can deliver an IoT solution that includes all the required functionalities and features.

An IoT solution must have advanced capabilities such as analytics and data pattern recognition, in addition to basic monitoring and telemetry. A single-stop IoT solution must have a combination of gateways and endpoints. This is not usually the case.

Is It Really So Difficult to Find a Good IoT Development Company?

The IoT market is changing rapidly. Technology has advanced at an unprecedented pace over the 20 years of IoT history. This has made it hard for people to choose among so many options.

Many companies began as sole suppliers of IoT components when technology was developing quickly. Many companies sold only hardware components, while others provided an IoT platform.

People had to search for sensors and gateways at the top of the breed sellers, and verify that the devices worked on the communication protocol provided by an iot software development company. In the majority of cases, clients had to create an IoT platform that met their specific requirements.

This created a huge void in IoT’s market, which was not filled until a few decades back.

Many companies, which were previously working on specific components of an IoT system, have developed a single-window solution that does not require the user to search for any other information. Their solutions are unique because they offer data ingestion and processing.

There are few IoT companies that can incorporate all seven layers of an IoT system into a project. IoT enthusiasts should look for companies that offer a complete package, including IoT gateways and IoT sensors.

Enters Zazz:

Zazz provides innovative IoT solutions. These solutions are able to adapt standard operating procedures for different industries. By leveraging smart assets, it helps companies develop fully-loaded IoT platforms that maximise their profits.

IoT platforms embedded with secure frameworks and event-driven architecture can be customised to meet your specific needs. The projects we create are capable of implementing every layer of IoT architecture (see Figure below).

Zazz: The IoT Architecture Approach

Zazz has taken the initiative to develop standard operating methods for all industries, as IoT is changing how they work. Zazz can offer the best IoT solutions for businesses by leveraging smart assets that will help them achieve higher profits.

IoT solutions come in complete packages that include a secure framework and an event-driven architecture. Zazz is committed to supporting multiple industries to offer customizable IoT solutions. We also support the development of an ecosystem of connected devices through providing an end to end IoT solution. These solutions can be implemented with your business to improve decision-making and ecosystem compliance.

These are some of the top-notch features Zazz has embedded in IoT platforms

Our clients can fully explore and use the IoT technology through the features we include in their projects. Below is a list with 6 amazing features that will help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

1) Real-Time Monitoring:

Zazz has developed IoT systems that allow you to monitor and control the operations of your company from anywhere.

2) Multi-Channel Alert System:

You can set up thresholds and tolerances to receive notifications on your web portal or mobile app whenever a parameter crosses a predefined range. These alerts will be sent via email, SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages.

3) Advanced Analytics

Analytics and ML features allow you to combine the data and transform it into value-added information, such as charts and graphs. The data can be used to perform predictive analysis, identifying patterns and generating useful insights.

4) Unlimited Customization

Zazz IoT products can be customized endlessly because they support multiple communication protocols as well as hardware from different vendors.

5) Simple to Install and Configure

Zazz products can easily be integrated into legacy systems as well as modern high-tech devices.

Conclusion Thoughts

Right now, there are many options in the IoT market. Pre-configured solutions can save a lot of time and effort for companies. You can still create an IoT platform using the best technologies available and integrating them together.

Zazz is able to guide you on your IoT journey, and create software that optimizes your end-to-end services. What are you waiting to do? Contact us right now.

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