Who Owns Snapchat? is an instant messaging application with multimedia and service that lets users to send pictures or messages to friends and family members. These messages are typically only accessible for a brief duration before they are deleted.

It also has stories, which let users upload photos or videos that their followers can be able to view 24 hours a day.

When the demand began to grow, the business introduced Discover and Lenses which are also referred to as filters in January of 2015.

Snapchat is controlled by the two founders of Snapchat: Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel.

Spiegel holds 13 percent of the company. Murphy holds 15 percent of the company.

Murphy is also chief technology officer. This is one of the reasons Murphy owns a bit greater than Spiegel.

Because of the social media giant the two men have experienced huge successes.

Bobby Murphy prefers to keep his work in the background He only appears on the scene for tech-related interviews.

Evan Spiegel often acts as the spokesperson for the company as well as doing more public relations tasks.

The two met as fraternity brothers from Kappa Sigma at Stanford University.

Murphy is two years behind Spiegel.

Who Owns Snapchat? All You Need to Know?

Snapchat owns Evan Spiegel, 31, and Bobby Murphy, 33.

Apart from being the owner of the platform, Spiegel is also the acting CEO. He holds 13 percent of the company. Murphy is the chief technology officer. Murphy holds 15 percent of the company.

What does Snapchat worth?

Snapchat has progressed a lot from its 2011 debut.As in 2021 the business is estimated to be worth $88.15billion.In 2013 Facebook made an offer to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion, but Spiegel rejected the deal.

How Snapchat Started

Snapchat was created in 2011 , by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy as well as Reggie Brown.It was Brown who had the idea that was the basis for Snapchat which was to create a social networking platform that let users to share images or videos that were deleted from the site within a short period of time.

Brown presented his idea to Spiegel who thought the idea was great especially for kids with unruly parents, or friends.Brown and Spiegel were aware that Murphy had a knack for programming So they presented their ideas to Murphy who believed this idea could become popular among the younger internet users.

Before Snapchat was launched the trio also released “Picaboo”.

But, Spiegel as well as Murphy were of the opinion they believed . Reggie Brown wasn’t carrying his burden or performing the same amount of effort as they were. The two other founders ejected Brown off the project within a few months. In November of 2011 Murphy along with Spiegel changed their name to “Picaboo” and launched Snapchat.

Three years after the social media platform went live in 2011,

the original group of founders reached an agreement that they would pay Reggie Brown $157 million for his contributions . And also officially acknowledge as co-founders of Snapchat.From the beginning of the development of Snapchat both owners set out clear guidelines for where their roles lay.

For Bobby Murphy,

this was a matter of handling the technology side of their brand new business. Evan Spiegel would run the humanistic aspect of their work that included public relations as well as management of business management. Bobby Murphy has been the chief tech officer of Snapchat since the company’s inception. Evan Spiegel has always served as CEO.

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