Which Dream SMP Member Are You?: It’s a test of your personality that evaluates your character against other Participants in Dream SMP. As opposed to other tests , such as those in the Minecraft Quiz, there is no right or wrong answer for these tests. The test is only a way to evaluate your character in order to determine what players on the server are like you.

Are you still unable to comprehend what Dream SMP? Let’s get it down The Dream SMP server is a Minecraft Survival server where the most well-known YouTubers around the globe like Dream himself are part of the. The world has a wide array of backstories and arcs for the players.

Find Out Which Dream SMP Member You Are

We created a super-fun, highly-addictive Dream Survival Multiplayer Quiz ever. The aim is to determine if one of the famous players on the server has the same character as you. Below are a few players that you might be able to match with at end of this test.


As the most skilled Minecraft gamers in Minecraft, Dream will be the perfect game for all (pun intended). Dream is the non-official antagonist of the story. In reality, everyone wants to play the role of Dream due to his ability to think strategic, efficient and powerful.

A small proportion of the people who take the test are able to be able to replicate Dream. Therefore, Dream is among the most unique results accessible.


Sapnap is one of the most controversial characters within The Dream SMP. He is known as the monster who killed the pets, which triggered The Pet War. Some believe that Sapnap is not a villain and isn’t recognized as such. People who match Sapnap’s profile tend to be introverts who need ample privacy in their lives.


Together with Dream TommyInnit is one of the most beloved members of the SMP. For many , TommyInnit is considered to be the principal character of the story, always looking to be a good person regardless of the consequences. People who are like Tommy on the test are those who are extroverts and who value friendship over all else.


Many players, unintentionally, will declare, “I’m TechnoBlade,” when asked “What you’d like to be a dream SMP character are you? Techno is one of the most loved characters and has played a key role in virtually every battle or story in the server. Despite his bloody ways, Techno is a loyal character who will do anything to defend his fellow players. However, he turns into an armed killer whenever someone is not loyal to him or fails to obey his instructions.

The players who can compete with TechnoBlade with the SMP Dream member Quiz mostly anarchists. Players with a fast game are good candidates to be in the same category.


In contrast to others, Gogy is not a popular result of The Minecraft test of matching characters. He has been an active player since the server’s development. Many believe that George is only loyal to those who aid the most. This is the reason why George has changed his buddies numerous times over the course of his life.

Participants in the Dream Quiz at SMP are hard-working and ambitious individuals.

It’s true that the Dream Survival multiplayer server is host to a variety of players. Therefore, it’s not possible to cover every single one of them into one testing. Our editors did their best to include other well-known players such as Ranboo, Wilbur, Ph1LzA, Tubbo, Quackity, and many more.

Understand Your Lore Better

Each player on this server is a part of their personal unique storyline. In the Dream SMP quiz, you will discover the background of your character and get acquainted with your character. We’ve provided a few interesting facts and interesting bits information that will help you take the test to the fullest.

Create Your Unique Storyline

The questions on the Dream SMP Member Test create an entire story based on your answers. By selecting each choice, you’re helping us navigate your own story as you try to discover your unique persona.

Meet Your Dream SMP Allies

Friendships matter in Minecraft Survival servers. This is why you get the Dream SMP list players that you can to trust at the end of your test. (The Conflict has taught us how to stay alert and vigilant for anyone who may be a liar however).

Receive a Free Character Analysis

It is the SMP Dream Quiz includes the entire analysis of each persona. We’ll tell you the lessons you could learn from one individual and the significance behind it after the test’s conclusion.

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