What Strategies Teachers use to get the best from Students: Getting the best out of students in terms of grades, badges, certificates, trophies, feedback, etc., is every teacher’s aim. Teachers always strive to their best ability by trying different strategies and adopting different teaching practices so that students can perform well in every area and grow personally and academically over the course of a school year.

Here are a few strategies which Dubai International School teachers try in order to get the best from their students, so parents can adopt these at home and support them to improve their performance.

Strategies CBSE School Teachers use in Dubai International School to get the best out of their students.

Being a positive role model

When teachers are enthusiastic about the subject matter they are teaching and have the required expertise to make it exciting and engaging then students learn to follow in their footsteps.


When students work in collaboration, they are charged up and their energies are high. The vibe of one student encourages the entire team to work, and learn together. In this process, every child learns from one another and gives their best to match the level of another.

Using Technology in the classroom

When teachers use technology in classrooms to make the teaching meaningful the results are amazing. Students are excited every time to attend classes, learn things in a new way and understand things in the simple and easiest way. 

A CBSE Schools teacher alters their teaching methodology as per the trends and uses the resources and technology which help students to connect more and perform better.

Show them different perspectives

It is not easy for an individual to think naturally from a different perspective, so teachers show them what other students have done. Showing the different perspectives and what are the other things they can do to improve the projects, help them to give their best and think in a different way.

Setting standard

Teachers set standards at school in all areas; be it academic work, dressing, communication, extracurricular activities, etc. Setting standards helps children to work a notch higher than that or even better. It also inspires them to give their best in every field and improve over the period.

Keeping track record and portfolio of best work

Keeping a track record of their performance over the period helps students to know how they are growing and improving.  A portfolio of their best work–physical or digital is another way to motivate them. Teachers, most of the time keep the best work in the classroom (to display) so that each student is inspired to give their 100% and work hard in order to get appreciation. 

Showcase experts from CBSE Schools 

Whenever there are assignments, projects or any tasks; Teachers showcase experts from the field. This helps students to see how the most passionate people do the work and how they act, and what skills they need which give them the right guidance and direction.

Personalised feedback

Personalised feedback to each student means giving the right feedback at the right time is necessary so that students stay motivated and on track.

Think cause-effect

Teachers think from the student’s point of view to understand what’s affecting their performance or the reason behind the falling grades. 

For eg:- Are students understanding the assignment?  If not, what is the reason or are they asking the right questions to get the essence of the chapters? Are they completing their homework just for the sake of it or understanding what they are doing? 

It is also called diagnostic teaching, where teachers work on solving students’ issues.

Believing them

When the teachers have faith and trust in their students, they will give their best, students always live up to their expectations and perform consistently better.

Knowing them 

Belief comes when teachers know each student completely, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.  When teachers know their students personally, they form bonds which give students the freedom to share their issues with teachers and get solutions from them.

Honour them

When students get a regular appreciation for the effort they put in, they naturally get motivated. 

Final word

Motivating students to give their very best is the Dubai International School

teacher’s profession. But most experienced teachers do not always rely on ‘’textbook rules’’ to bring out the best in students, instead they explore various techniques and strategies so that students use their full potential in all areas.

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