What does DW refer to on Snapchat?

What Does DW Mean in Text. An abbreviation that is used extensively for textingtesting. As well as on social media such as Facebook Twitter Instagram. Snapchat or any other social network. DW means Don’t worry. To inform someone not to worry about something, DW is utilized.

Meaning of DW: DW is another acronym with multiple meanings. It can mean “Dear Wife”, “Darling Wife” and ” Don’t Worry“. The first two definitions of DW are commonly used to refer to your wife.

If it’s a blog post or a comment on social media it’s possible to use DW in all its meanings. The term DW means ” Don’t worry” is mostly used as a reassurance word to assure people it’s going to be okay and they shouldn’t be concerned about it.

DW source

Which became popular between 1990 and 2000. The first definition of DW from the Urban Dictionary dates to 2003.

Along with other slang phrases such as TBH as well as AFK. DW was created in chat rooms on the internet. As well as early online forums. It gained more traction due to the rapid growth of messaging apps. Such as AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

Other Meanings of Snapchats

What is the meaning of 3 in Snapchat?

It’s a sign that you’ve experienced a snapstreak for three days!

What is 4? in Snapchat?

4 is the number of days you’ve had an unplanned snapstreak for four days!

What Does 13 Mean on Snapchat?

From the series on Netflix “13 The Reasons Why”

What is 69? in Snapchat?

It is a reference to sexual orientation between two people.

What is 100? in Snapchat?

100 means that you’ve completed that 100 Day Snapstreak.

What does 420 mean for Snapchat?

“420” means “April 20th” in which people celebrate the use of marijuana.

What is AMOS? in Snapchat?

AMOS is “Add Me On Snapchat”.

What Is AMOSC Signify for Snapchat?

AMOSC is “Add Me On Snapchat”.

What Does ARD Mean on Snapchat?

ARD means “Alright”.

What Does ASAB Mean on Snapchat?

ASAB means “As A b*tch”.

What Is ASF mean for Snapchat?

ASF means “As f*ck”.

What Does DW Mean in Text?

Ash means “As Hell”.

What does ASL mean for Snapchat?

ASL means “Age, Sex, Location”.

What is ATM mean for Snapchat?

ATM signifies “At the Moment”.

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