What Does DAB ME UP is the act of placing yellow shatter, oil dab, or wax into the smoking/vaping mechanism to be high or get to be medicated. Sometimes it can be confused with dap which is a non expressed greeting that occurs during the first pounding, however,

If someone says ‘dap me up’ they are asking you to ‘dap’ them. A ‘dap’ is a friendly way of greeting someone, usually by handshaking, pound hugging, fist-bumping or chest-bumping. However, the phrase has recently been changed into ‘dab me up’ to describe ‘dabbing’ as a way of saying hello to someone.

A term used in the slang
Shake the sweet hand using an e-clip, then take it.

When someone is able to dabs at you, it means?
This is one of the niggerz types to give an opportunity to shake hands.

High five or handshake when you meet someone.

The process of using dab pen.

To strike someone multiple times in rapid intervals.

Dab it up and ask yourself – what is it?
When you chew or sucking on that person’s dick you’re speaking too.

What Is Dab Me Up Emoji Meme?
Emoji and meme conversations with smartphones make the conversation more enjoyable and interesting. over something new, they turn it into a meme ,

In the same way, is the image of a smiling yellow emoji The best part is that it is sporting the appearance of a golden tooth.

Dab Me up appears to be an emoji that we all use on our Facebook or messengers. However, Dab Me Up is distinct from all the images/emojis.

It’s a picture of a smiling emoji in yellow with golden teeth, and arms that look like it’s dabbing somebody up.

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