Top 5 Karwa Chauth Gifts for your Wifey: We all feel good when someone does something, simple or extraordinary for us. Well, Indian  husbands are lucky in this area. Every year, the wives pray for the long life of their husbands  by keeping fast, that too nirjala. It indeed is difficult to resist all the flavors during festive  season and on top, without drinking water. No wonder Indian women are considered goddesses. Not to forget that women are the backbone of your happy family! For all her efforts  and sacrifices, she deserves the best in her life. 

We all know how much women love gifts and surprises. So why not surprise your life partner  with a lovely gift this Karwa Chauth? But there’s another fact that most men are not good  with presents. Don’t you worry husbands, Winni’s here for you (welcome in advance). Here  are the best 5 Karwa chauth gift ideas that your wifey is going to love. 


Jewellery is a woman’s best friend (yes, we replaced diamonds), women love every piece of  jewellery. Be it a light silver or heavy platinum, your lady is going to love it. Trust us on this,  a simple ring or bangles can do magic. Although you may get confused on the size front. In  case you can not make a right guess, try getting a pendant, necklace, or earrings. 

Come on , we know this is not only for your wife, these small pieces will also serve as an  investment. We did catch an eye here, didn’t we? 


We don’t know any women who don’t like to look pretty. Makeup is a feather on the cap to  make your Mrs mesmerizing. You can get her a full kit or any single product, nothing will go  in vain. But we do not suggest you go for any skin-specific product if you’re new to this. In  that case, look for something universal, like eye pallets, shimmer, blush, highlighter,  lipsticks, illuminator, or more. We know you need some professional assistance with this. Do  it for her! 

You have to agree, you do feel proud when you walk in somewhere with your irresistible  partner. 

Electronic items 

Pay your attention here, because this is imperative. Electronic items cover a variety of  products from household chores to personal use. If your wife is someone who enjoys  cooking, get her a food processor to make the job easy. If she likes to style, surprise her with  a multi-hair styler or a professional dryer. The best option we recommend is a body/foot  massager. We know she is always tired.  Top 5 Karwa Chauth Gifts for your Wifey.

Also, do not forget all these things will serve you as well. Lessing the load, more time for  you both. This is a perfect karwa chauth gift for wife.

• A Tour Package

“Aa chal ke use, tu leke chale, ek aise gagan ke tale, Jaha gum bhi na ho, asoon bhi na ho,  bas pyar hi pyar pale” 

This has got to be your pick of the bunch! All wives need some time away from the daily  chaos and enjoy themselves a little. In everyday life, not many partners manage to take time  and spend it with love. A trip helps everything you need to restore the lost affection and  butterflies. Relive your moments, take that trip.  

Plus, you need some time off from your work too. Shed that weight, life is short. • Gift Cards 

In case you could not finalize anything so far, the last and best option is to buy a gift card.  You can choose from a variety of them from shopping e-stores.  According to your budget, you can get her a voucher and she can make her choice. She loves  that too! 

The best part is it saves you from the “will she like it?” worry. 

We hope that our ideas helped you make your decision. Live happy you both and cheers to  extra treat days! Also, do not forget to compliment us.

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