Want to become an Azure data engineer? If yes, you need to clear the Azure data engineer certification examination. The data engineer certification is given to students who prove their skills and understanding of data engineering fundamentals. So, to get the certification, students need to crack the examination with good scores. 

However, cracking the data engineering certification examination is difficult. Candidates must pass the DP-200 and DP-201 examinations to qualify for the certification. With data engineering jobs being high-in demand, students can enrol on the certification course to acquire the fundamentals of data engineering and boost their skills. Students must study the course thoroughly, give practice tests and be well-versed with the examination syllabus to crack it.

Here are a few effective tips to pass the Microsoft Azure certification test. 

  1. Enrol on an Online Course

Registering for an online certification course is the best way to prepare for the test. Students can take certification courses in reputed educational centres and prepare every concept of the syllabus with the guidance of expert Microsoft teachers. Some centres also provide sample papers where students can solve the questions and measure their preparation for the DP-200 and DP-201 examinations.

  1. Study From the Right Books

Studying from the right book is essential to cover all the topics effectively. So, apart from spending on the Azure certification cost, buy good books and resources to elevate the overall preparation for the test. 

The DP-200 examination analyses the student’s capability of configuring each component and establishing a data processing pipeline. Students can expect questions from the operational, optimisation, loading and reading data from Azure Synapse Analytics and SQL DB to come in the examination. 

The following are the books students can refer to for the DP-200 examination:

  • Microsoft documentation resources: ElYusubov/DP-200-References
  • Microsoft Learn modules for Azure Data Engineer
  • A cloud guru resource for the DP-200 exam
  • Microsoft Learn labs: ElYusubov/DP-200-References

The DP-201 examination tests how well-versed the students are with the solution and design-related topics. Students must crack both examinations to receive the Azure data engineer certification. If studied with dedication, the materials mentioned above are sufficient to crack the examination. Students can study from the following books for the DP-201 test: 

  • Microsoft Learn modules for Azure Data Engineer
  • Microsoft documentation resources: ElYusubov/DP-201-References
  • Microsoft Learn labs: ElYusubov/DP-201-References
  • A cloud guru resource for DP-201
  1. Participate in the Microsoft’s Instructor-Led Training

While preparing for the test, go to Microsoft’s official website and take up the instructor-led training. Through this training, you can enhance your practical knowledge in the field. Video instructional contents are also present on the website. Students can watch the video and take notes if required for effective preparation. 

Practical lab sessions are also included within the Microsoft Azure certifications course to help students gain a realistic experience of the learned theoretical concepts. 

  1. Sit for the Official Practice Test

The best way to understand the preparation for the test is by sitting for an official practice test. In the practice test, the questions are asked from the syllabus, and the question pattern is also the same. By appearing for the practice tests, students can have an idea of what a real Azure certification examination might look like. Many educational institutions conduct practice tests during the Azure certification training to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses and work on their weaknesses to get better marks in the examination. 

  1. Read the Question and Try to Analyse It

Sometimes, the answer is present within the question. Therefore, students must read the question thoroughly before looking for the answers. Apart from reading, analysing the question is also crucial. Few questions might seem difficult or tricky to answer, but reading and analysing them can make it easy for the students to solve the question. Students must break the question and analyse it before answering the question. 

Azure certifications are important for every data engineer aspirant to show their capabilities and skills and get their desired job. By following the tips mentioned above, students can pass the test easily, get good marks, and qualify for the certification. The certification can help the aspiring candidate make a long-term career in data engineering and transform data engineering technologies. Besides, the student can take up the following job roles in the future:

  • Data Administrators
  • Data Architects
  • Data Management Professionals
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
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