The Legendary Tales About Diwali – Know Them All: Popularly known as the Land of Cultures, India now greets Diwali 2022. Commemorated on the 24th of October 2022, Diwali, as it is widely known, commemorates the return of Lord Rama, along with his wife Sita, and his brother Laxman to his kingdom Ayodhya, after extended fourteen-year spending in the woods. Regarding the Hindu calendar, Diwali celebrations commence in the later half of the month of Ashwin and stop in the earlier days of Kartik Month. While the tale of Lord Rama’s homecoming to Ayodhya is one of the prime motives behind the festivity of Diwali, there are many other tales connected with this great Indian celebration that also deserve praise. In this blog, we will show you some of the tales.

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The Story Of How Lord Krishna defeated Narakasura:

As per Hindu folklore, Lord Krishna won against the devil Narakasura. The wicked ruler of Pragjyotishapura, which is close to present-day Assam. The desire for power is sounded to has made Narakasura disdainful. And he had become a danger to his subjects and Deities. Narakasura looted the earrings of Goddess Aditi. Considered the Goddess of motherhood, seized 16,000 daughters of Gods, and proceeded with his supremacy of terror over his empire. Here’s how the whole tale unfolded.

It is studied that Narakasura was a devilish demon encircled in the dirt. While understood to have good shadows, he was known to be the devil and have an attraction for young females, carrying off them and compelling them to stay with him. When the Gods could no longer carry out his misconduct, they went to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna first had a powerful war with a five-headed demon that protected Narakasura’s home and then with the devil himself, ultimately destroying him and saving the girls and regaining the earrings of Goddess Aditi. Share this story with your close ones and offer amazing Diwali gifts.

The Story of Vaman Avataara rescuing Goddess Lakshmi:

This is another widespread legend that is linked with Diwali. It is told that once Lord Indra destroyed the evil devil king Bali and all of his commander generals in a battle between the devils and the demigods. When Indra started his battle against the demons, with the pledge of destroying the entire kingdom of demons, Lord Brahma sent Narad muni tried to prevent him. Shukracharya restored Bali by using the religious skill of Mitra Samjivani. He then instructed Bali to organize for a Vishvajit Yajna to help the demons. This Yajna was to be conducted by the Brahmanas of the Bhrigu kingdom. It is acknowledged that the Yajna made Bali extremely powerful, and with the help of a strong mantra, he took the power of heaven with his bunch of demons.

The Embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi:

Deepavali comes on a bright new moon day, Amavasya, of the Hindu calendar of Karthik. It is on this very occasion that Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth, incarnated. As per folklore, she is said to have occurred during the churning of the sea, the Samudra Manthan, with the Demons (asuras) on one side and the Deities (Devtas) on the other. This is why the offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi in the form Of Lakshmi Pujan is a ritual performed and followed on Diwali alongside buying Diwali gifts online for family and relatives.

The Master of Samudra Manthan:

According to mythical stories, when the Deities and Demons swirled the ocean for Nectar or Amrut, Dhanvantari, the Lord of Health and an embodiment of Lord Vishnu, is said to have arisen from the sea carrying a pot of the holy mixture. The Legendary Tales About Diwali – Know Them All.

The Master of Yama and Nachiketa:

This is another intriguing mythology surrounding Diwali. Composed in the Kathopanishad, the tale proceeds that Nachiketa, a little boy, thought that Yama, the Lord of Death, was as dark as the darkness of Amavasya. But when Nachiketa did come upon Yama, he was baffled seeing the Lord’s quiet and noble stature.

Lord Yama then clarified to Nachiketa that on Deepavali, which is told to be the celebration of triumph of good over evil, man could glimpse the light of the bombed wisdom, and only then can his spirit getaway from the bondage of his deathly frame and can blended with the sacred power. This is when Nachiketa is said to have acknowledged the importance of worldly energy and the significance of death.

The Story When Goddess Kali Destroyed The Evil:

The threatening and vicious avatar of Maa Durga. Maa Kali, is said to have inferred the form of the strong goddess. And attained vogue with the form of Mahatmya Devi. According to folklore, she is portrayed to have been born from the eyebrow of Goddess Durga. And during one of the wars between Durga and the demon forces. As the mythology goes, Maa Kali was affected by the destruction spree. She got dragged away and started destroying everything she had in view. To prevent her, Lord Shiva laid down under her feet. The Legendary Tales About Diwali – Know Them All.

So here are some mythologies connected with Diwali. If you know more such stories, do share! 

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