Apples are in season, crisp fall air has finally arrived, and everyone’s favorite TV shows are back on the air. That can only mean one thing: It’s fall! You know that there are all sorts of delicious foods to eat and activities to enjoy during this season, but did you know that there are also plenty of reasons why fall might be the best time of year? Here are five reasons why we love fall (besides the food).


1. Prepping for the cold weather by eating a lot of apple dishes: My mom always told me when I was little that apple pie would keep us warm during the winter. Now that I’m older and I know what pies are really made of, apples just taste better as we watch summer disappear. 2. Apple cider doughnuts on every corner at this time of year: Flaky fried dough dipped in sweet cinnamon sugar is like pure happiness on a stick. 3. Caramel apples on sale at every grocery store during October: Watching kids squeal with delight as they approach their favorite section in the store—which has somehow now been filled with caramel-coated fruit…I wish all my childhood memories were this great! 

Crisp, clear weather

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy crisp, clear air. The air outside is warm enough for chilly days and the perfect temperature for cool nights. It’s easy to dress in a light jacket when you need it but still feel comfortable. The best part? Apples are in season! There are so many delicious ways to eat apples this fall that we had to share some with you: 

-Fresh apple on a stick dipped in caramel sauce or yogurt dip

-Caramel apple topped with chocolate chips or nuts

-Apple crumble topped with ice cream

Increase in squash

Autumn is officially here – even if you still feel like it’s too hot to wear sweaters outside. And with the crisp air come many of our favorite things about the season, including apples. Fresh or canned, a crunchy apple is delicious any time of day. But that’s not all there is to this time of year – find out more about why autumn is awesome! 

If you love snacking on apples as we do, you can reap some additional benefits when it comes to your weight as well. A cup full will set you back 160 calories (depending on which variety you’re eating), as well as 28 grams of your recommended daily intake for fiber!

Crunchy leaves under your feet

Apple picking is one of the best parts of fall. We love seeing all the beautiful colors in the leaves from all the different trees – red, gold, and yellow. Sometimes you’ll even find ones that are changing to orange or purple! Grab a friend or two and go for a walk out into one of the nearby forests to try to spot an apple tree. Don’t forget to bring your bag!

Cozy sweaters and scarves

Fall is all about the crisp air, autumn leaves, pumpkins, hot chocolate on chilly nights, cozy sweaters, and scarves. But this season is not just about embracing the cold. Fall offers a wealth of benefits that you might not have known about.

It’s one thing to change your wardrobe to fall colors in September or October. But it feels especially magical when the leaves start changing colors in late summer or early fall–a reminder that the seasons change for a reason and things will get better as long as we are willing to embrace them as they come. 

One study found that people are much happier during the fall than during any other time of year. What could be more rewarding than knowing there’s an extra something to look forward to each day?

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