Net Worth: $15 Million
Profession: TV Personality, Investor
Age: 42 Years Old
Country: United States
Born: August 21, 1981
Salary: $1 Million
Last Updated: 2022
Tarek El Moussa’s Net Worth 2022

Tarek El Moussa’s Net Worth 2022, an American television personality and an investor in real estate who has an estimated net worth of $15 million. He earned a lot of his money in real estate, and also in marketing properties worth billions of dollars to celebrities and those in the upper echelons. The reality show on his TV as well as other endorsements on the show also earn an enormous amount of money for him.

Tarek is among the richest TV famous people who has amassed significant wealth through his various business entities. The couple was able to flip houses to avoid selling real estate, and was hit hard in the 2008 financial crisis.

Tarek El Moussa’s Net Worth 2022

, an American television personality and an investor in real estate who has an estimated net worth of $15 million. as well as the ex-wife of his Christina Haack co-host HGTV’s Flip or Flop. Tarek El Moussa launched his second HGTV program, Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa, in the year 2020 where he coaches new home flippers.

In addition to being a TV celebrity, Tarek El Moussa is known as a prominent name in real estate. He has struck deals worth millions of dollars to his name. So, how does deal with his funds? How much does he have to pay in taxes? Find out how much of his total earnings come from television shows.

Salary Information

Christina and Tarek earned the total of $10,000 each episode during the first season on the HGTV show. In the course of the season, that was roughly $130,000. In season 3, their per-episode earnings had risen to $40,000, resulting in the total to be $600,000 per season.

Early Life
Tarek El Moussa was a child who spent his early years living in Long Beach, California, where was born on the 21st of August in 1981. His ancestors were Arab as well as European. He’s half-Iranian, half-Arab. The Middle East, his dad was an Catholic within Lebanon and later Egypt. My father immigrated to Europe at the age of his teens. Moreover, his mother comes from Belgium. Tarek is an U.S. citizen. Dominique has been his older sister. Tarek has a family which includes his father, mother and stepfather. They all reside close to him and assist him with his children often.

Tarek graduated from Sunny Hills High School with an award in his hand. After getting his real license as an estate agent at the age of 21 Tarek was well-known.

Professional Career

Tarek is an agent for real estate and flipper from Orange County, California. He is famous for buying homes at auctions, renovating them, and later flipping them. At 21 years old, he was granted the real estate licence, and started flipping houses right away. Through the flipping venture, he met his wife of a lifetime, Christina Haack. Christina focused on design while Tarek was in charge of repairs. The economy was growing until 2008 when it plummeted. After the recession, Tarek and Christina notably reduced their home from a $6,000-a month mansion to a $750-a-month studio.

The property market was in turmoil during the meltdown, Tarek and Christina owned The El Moussa Group in Orange County, California, where they had one of the highest foreclosure rates in country. Tarek, Christina, and their partner Pete De Best paid $115,000 in Santa Ana for their first investment property. The three of them split the proceeds after the property was sold for $34,000, and then proceeded to flip homes, expanding their investment in property to Arizona as well as Nevada.

Tarek and Christina’s investments in real estate grew with the improvement in the economy overall. Tarek brought in a partner to film his and Christina flipping a house from beginning to finish in the year 2011 at in the midst of the night in the hopes to turn it into the tape of auditions. Production staff of Pie Town Productions and HGTV were impressed with the tape, and also Christina’s Insta feed.

in 2012 Christina

as well as Tarek signed an agreement with HGTV their show, Flip or Flop, was launched in 2013. The show follows the duo going through the usually challenging process of bidding for an apartment, renovating it, building it back up so that it is marketable and then flipping the property. Tarek is responsible for the remodel, while Christina is responsible for the design and keeping the house in order. Christina and Tarek produced 92 episodes in seven seasons from 2013 to 2017. The duo became extremely well-known.

HGTV has revealed Tarek El Moussa’s brand new television series, Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa for 2020. Tarek is part of the show because an instructor for novices in real estate to show them the basics of a successful flip.

The 10th season of the series will air in 2021 on HGTV in 2021 following an extremely successful run of 10 seasons.

In the course of his career,

Tarek El Moussa has invested in a variety of businesses and properties. He currently has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Your Life
In 2009, Tarek El Moussa tied the knot with Christina Haack. They met while working for an agency for real estate and then decided to set up the business. Taylor Reese El Moussa was their first child born in 2010. Their next kid, Brayden El Moussa, was welcomed into the world.

In addition to the earnings and professional charges derived from flipping property and the talent fee earned by flipping or Flop, El Moussa and Haack have started to offer a real-estate school named Real Estate Elevated.

Tarek and Christina have ended their relationship in the year 2016. Following their dispute, Tarek departed the house and was believed to be suicidal. police were called to their home. Tarek claimed that he was not self-destructive. He took a trip using a gun to protect himself against wild animals. They separated in the year 2017. The status of their business and their real estate agency that they co-owned, The El Moussa Group was at risk after their divorce. In the year 2018, they separated. They managed to shoot their eighth episode in the series Flip or Flop just after divorce after their divorce, and their post-divorce co-parenting relationship is quite comfortable. They were part of the El Moussa Group was disbanded after their separation. Tarek and Partners were formed to replace it.

In the year 2018, Christina was married to Ant Anstead Ant Anstead,

an English TV presenter. Hudson Anstead is the couple’s first child. They bought the $4.1 million house only two blocks away from their wedding ceremony in Newport Beach, California.

Tarek is currently dating Heather Rae Young, a real estate agent with the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles that was featured by Netflix’s Selling Sunset in the year 2019. Heather is, by far, one of the least distracted real estate agents featured on Selling Sunset however this is mostly due to the fact that real estate not her main occupation but it’s an extra income for her. Heather is models for EMG agency. On Insta she has more than 600,000 followers. In 2010 she was awarded the Playboy Playmate of the Month.

Heather is an Southern California native, resembling Tarek. At the age of 18years old, she landed the job of an professional model. She has worked with celebrities athletes, entertainers, and other celebrities as an agent in real estate who specializes in high-end and wealthy customers. The welfare of animals is something Heather is extremely passionate about. She is dedicated to staying fit and eating an energizing diet. The three dogs she has, Sebastian, Baxter, and Brandy love to play at the shore with her. Heather cannot not stop talking about Tarek and their bond and love of him as well as his kids and his son Taylor being her favorite of her friends in the second season of Selling Sunset.

Tarek El Moussa’s wealth has increased by 40% over the past 3-4 years.

Collection for Car Collection
Tarek El Moussa has bought $790,000 USD of an AMG GT Mercedes-Benz. In addition, Tarek El Moussa possesses a $150,000 Jaguar i- Pace. BMW X9, Ferrari Portofino as well as Audi Q2 are among his other vehicles.

Real Estate

Tarek made it clear in 2020 that he would be selling the home he bought following his ex-wife’s divorced ahead of moving into the new home situated in Newport Beach with Heather, however, they decided to pull out due to issues in the home. Tarek’s prior home was being advertised and they began renting a modern, sleek beach house that is just a few blocks away from the ocean for at the very least a year. Heather also has also a West Hollywood condo as well close than her Sunset Strip workplace.

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