After a hard day at work, you must be searching for something to help you feel less worn out.

You may perhaps engage yourself in an enjoyable mobile game. Games serve as a terrific way to unwind and keep you hooked. Do not worry if you believe it will take a lot of effort to leave your bed and get to your computer to start the game. All of this stuff is not necessary. Simply relax, pull out your phone, and explore the world of Slashy.

This hyper-casual puzzle game, designed by Camel Motion Inc., will make you feel better and keep you interested. You will undoubtedly become engrossed in this genre of casual gaming and it will work its charm. On top of that, Slashy is for everyone, young and old, male and female, just everyone. 

Let us get to know more about Slashy and the Rules of the Game. 

What is Slashy all about? 

It is an enjoyable casual game with a user-friendly UI that improves your gaming experience overall. The object of this puzzle game is to burst discs by placing available slices on top of them. With almost 300 levels, there is never a dull moment here because there is always something new to watch out for. However, as you advance in the game, the level of difficulty increases significantly, which only boosts the entertainment quotient of the game. 

The Aim of the Game

  • The slices are placed on top of the discs.
  • Then you arrange those that have been cut into the necessary sizes and shapes.
  • When all of the necessary slices fit on the disc-top, you burst the discs.

The Fun Factor of Slashy

  • This game gives you the ideal amount of fun if your goal while playing is to have fun.
  • The enjoyment factor actually resides in the increasing complexity that each level of a game delivers, along with the adrenaline that comes along with it.

What is there in the Levels of Slashy?

  • There are only 3 discs available to you starting at level 1, but the number increases with each odd level.
  • For example, the number of discs rises to four on level 3.
  • Hence, there are 3 and 4 discs in levels 2 and level 4, respectively.
  • Until level 11, where there are 8 discs, this keeps on continuing. 
  • The number of discs again becomes 3 at level 13, and this keeps on fluctuating in the similar cycle. 

The Unusual Nature of the Discs

No, the Solar System is not the topic at hand. However, your assumption is not too far off.

You can see moving discs on your screen. Yes, that’s right.  As you advance through the game’s levels, these discs revolve around the slice and spin on their own axis. 

They revolve in an anti-clockwise direction around the slicing plate and rotate in a clockwise direction on their own axis in the further levels of the game. The speed at which they move also gets faster as you advance through each level.

The Restriction on Move Sets in Slashy

  • The levels of Slashy have a finite number of move-sets.
  • The objective is to finish placing the slices on the disc top within the given move sets.
  • If you exhaust your available move-sets, the game is over. 
  • Once you reach level 49, the move-sets are replaced by a timer.
  • This continues until level 96, at which point the move-sets will retake their original position.

The Props – The USP of this Classic Puzzle Game

Contrary to some other puzzle games out there, Slashy takes every conceivable measure to enhance your overall experience.

After completing every 12th level in this game, you can unlock several really intriguing props.

To move further in the game, you may choose any of the numerous props that are accessible.

These fun props are a Vinyl Record, a Compact Disc, a Football, a Pizza Slice, a Crystal Ball, etc. 

The Lethal Hammer to Break the Discs

  • Release the hammer, the lethal weapon.
  • This hammer is not your typical device.
  • If and when you get stuck in the game, it aids you.
  • You can use this hammer to mold the slices into the proper form so that they will fit on top of the discs.
  • There are only three hammers accessible, but if you want more, you can do so by watching small advertisements.

The Attractive Themes That Boosts The Aesthetic Appeal

For you, Slashy has created 3 exquisite themes or backdrops.

Default Theme: This is a plain, straightforward, and elegant theme. This theme’s background is a light shade of sky blue, making it easy on the eyes.

Night Theme: This background with a starry night theme and a hint of purple helps players concentrate on the game by providing a calming environment.

Nature Theme: All that nature enthusiasts require is a lovely river and a lovely mountain. This offers its users a revitalizing background.


In a nutshell, Slashy will undoubtedly become very popular in the future. Now that all has been said and done, it’s time for you to grab your cellphones, head over to the App Store, and begin downloading Slashy immediately.

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