Every website owner wants his/her website to rank higher on SERP and get as much profit as possible. That is it is very important that after completing the preparation of your website you should look for a reliable web hosting company that can give you hassle-free, fast, and secure Web hosting services. And if you don’t have a high budget to spend on Web hosting services then Linux shared Web hosting can be a very good option for you.

We have done lots of research in order to find the best web hosting provider which can offer the best Linux shared web hosting plans. That is cheap yet loaded with ultimate features. And we have found that the Hostbillo Hosting solution is the best and most reliable Linux shared hosting provider.

This article explains how Hostbillo can provide a website owner with the most beneficial Web hosting service.

Hostbillo Hosting Solutions

Hostbillo is an Indian-originated web hosting company that provides All types of web hosting services worldwide. They have data centers located in many countries. Besides providing the cheapest hosting plans, they also provide domain name services.

They have the most qualified and experienced technical staff. You can reach them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any questions or problems you may have regarding your server.

Hostbillo has the best ratings on Hostadvice, Google, and many other review platforms. They provide servers that are secured from malware and also they do regular server monitoring to prevent any hardware failure or severe downtime.

What Should One Buy Linux Web Hosting From Hostbillo?

Hostbillo offers Linux shared web servers with specifications that no other web hosting provider can match here is the list of those specs-

Unlimited Bandwidth:

Rather than being the speed of the internet, bandwidth refers to the amount of information sent through a connection in a given period of time. Bandwidth is calculated in megabits per second( Mbps). It is common for companies to provide bandwidth with limitations so that your server can only send data to users at a limited rate. Hostbillo offers unlimited bandwidth with Linux shared web hosting plans, so your website will load quickly in the user’s browser and will run faster.

Unlimited disk space:

Basically, disk space is the amount of physical storage your website gets on a server. A website’s disk space requirement depends on the size of its backend files and images. If you have a website that contains numerous pages and large content then you must have to seek hosting that can fulfill your space requirement. But if you choose Hostbillo’s Best Linux shared Hosting plans then you will get unlimited Disk space for your website

Unlimited PHP Users:

Using FTP services, users can transfer files with a host computer using a file transfer protocol account (FTP account). FTP accounts are usually associated with a website, network, and/or FTP server. Each user is usually assigned a separate FTP account by the server or network administrator. An FTP server can be used to manage users, identify them, and authorize them. Hotsbillo gives you the authority to create Unlimited FTP accounts on your shared Srerevr with their best shared Hosting plan.

Unlimited Websites and Addon domains:

If you have more than one website for your business then you may have to buy different web hosting plans for each of them. But if you choose Hotsbillo’s Linux shared web hosting you can Host unlimited websites in a single Hosting plan. Also if you have many more domains or applications online you can add them to your server as well. And you can manage all your domain from the same server.


With Softaculous, web applications are installed automatically to a website using scripts.

The installation process is initiated from the administration area of the website. There are several website control programs that use Softaculous, including the cPanel control panel, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere, Interworx, and Plesk. Hostbillo provides Softaculous in the Linux shared web servers that help you to save time you have to waste on installing applications.

Free SSL Certificate:

SSL stands for Secure socket layers, SSL certificates authenticate the identity of a website and enable secure connections. Security protocols such as SSL create encrypted links between web servers and web browsers. SSL protects your website from hackers reading any information about your users. Hostbillo provides free SSL with all of their Shared hosting plans.

Weekly backup:

No matter how secure your website or your web server is. you r web data can be lost by a mistake or theft by hackers. That is why data backup is the most important thing that has to be provided by a web hosting company. Hostbillo also offers a weekly backup of the website’s precious data with their Linux shared web Hosting plans.

Free Domain:

As I told you before that Hostbillo is a Domain name provider as well. And if you buy shared Hosting services from Hostbillo you can get and Free domain name as well. So you don’t have to spend extra money on Domain.

Cheap Renewal:

Hostbillo is the only web hoting provider that provides Hosting renewal at the same price as they provide Hosting pans. There are no hidden or extra charges for Hosting renewal except GST Which is mandatory.

Plans and Packages:

Hostbillo offers a wide range of plans for shared web hosting at different locations in the world. So if you have a very small website and don’t want lots of specifications in your server then you can buy the least expensive Web Hosting plans for your website.


Hostbillo is a world-class web hosting provider that is always there for its customers. It is Hostbillo’s goal to provide its clients with the best service possible at all times. Hostbillo’s Shared Linux Web hosting offers a lot of things that will boost the speed and performance of your website.

In addition, Hostbillo guarantees 99.90% server uptime, so your website is accessible almost 24 hours a day. So if you want to get more information about Hotsbillo’s Cheap Linux shared Web hosting plans and packages check out their website now.

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