Net Worth $200,000
Date Of Birth 1986
Profession Reality TV show personality, entrepreneur, photographer, biology & marine science major
Nationality American
Spouse Christopher Hanna
Children Carter Hanna, daughter
Real Name Robbie Welsh
Stage Name Robbie Welsh
Gender Female
Profession(s) Shipper and Reality TV Personality
Nationality American
Birthplace U.S.
Birth Date 5-Dec-86
Age as in 2022 36 years old
Sun Sign Sagittarius
Robbie Welsh Net Worth 2022

Robbie Welsh Net Worth 2022. Robbie Welsh is the other half of “The Hotshot Couple,”” along with her husband of real life, Christopher Hanna, in the A&E reality TV show “Shipping Wars.” The couple were part of the main team for the program from the second season until season six.

Together, they run the moving and transport business Palmetto Yacht Management. Here’s everything you’ll need to learn about the gorgeous couple. Robbie’s worth as well as age is revealed in this Wikipedia-style biography.

Robbie Welsh: Wiki, Biography

Robbie Welsh is a self-professed “tom boy.” This means that she’s interested in subjects many women do not and that’s why she decided to enter the shipping industry. But Mrs. Welsh was a late flowering. Before she delved into shipping she was a biology student and marine science.

Despite a major in marine life Mrs. Welsh’s interest was in other areas, and she stumbled involved in the shipping industry.

In her quest to pursue an employment in shipping Robbie became acquainted with her soon-to-be wife, Christopher Hanna. Chris was working in shipping for a while and had been also one of the protagonists in the A&E reality series “Shipping Wars.” The show revolves on a variety of individual shippers who try to get their largest haul of cargo in auctions that are timed by the marketplace online, uShip.

Robbie as well as Chris featured on the program from second until the sixth season on the program. When their businesses grew as did their relationship. They were a regular on the show and were called “The Hotshot Couple.” Additionally they made a lot of money and ended the show more prosperous and happier!

At present, Robbie is one of the upper-level executives in Chris the company that transports cargo, Palmetto Yacht Management. Like the name implies, the company is specialized in boats and other vessels. They don’t just transport big vessels, but also offer storage, service and detailing services. The company operates in three states throughout the eastern US including South Carolina, Florida, and Maryland.

In her free moment, Robbie enjoys photography as an interest. Mrs. Welsh is also something of a social media celebrity with a large number of followers on several platforms. Mrs. Robbie has 61.8k followers on Instagram and 63k followers in Facebook along with 33.4k twitter followers. Additionally, she owns an OnlyFans page.

Net Worth and Income Sources
According to certain online sources, Robbie Welsh has an estimated net worth of $200,000. In addition to being in the moving and shipping industry, Robbie is also a reality TV celebrity. Robbie was discovered by the public at large following their appearances in the reality show “Shipping Wars” along with her husband, Chris Hanna.

At present, Robbie is the co-owner and the transporter for Palmetto Yacht Management and makes the majority of her earnings from the moving/transportation business.

Apart from that in addition, in addition to that. Welsh also makes bank via her social media. She has built up thousands of followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition Mrs. Welsh also has an OnlyFans page with more than 30k followers. She is charging $14.99 per month for accessibility to private information.

Robbie Welsh: Age and birthdate
Robbie Welsh was born on December 5th in 1986. She’s 34 as of this writing, and is due to turn 35 in just a few months.

Apart from that, very little is available about Robbie. However, she is open about her political beliefs. Robbie is a conservative who is a fan to her Republican party. Additionally, she has endorsed the president Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election.

Mrs. Hanna is the wife of Christopher Hanna. Their children
Robbie Welsh is the real-life wife of Christopher Hanna. Chris was from North Carolina native and holds an undergraduate degree from the school of Business Marketing and Management from Coastal Carolina University.

They were introduced in the setting on the set of “Shipping Wars.” Robbie initially joined Chris his team as a professional. After spending a good portion in their respective lives, their affection bloomed in and off the air.

The pace of change was rapid in their relationship, to the point that they tied the knot in early 2014 , despite having only dated for a few years.

Chris as well as Robbie and Robbie are the proud parents of two gorgeous children. Her first child, son Carter Hanna, was born to a former partner on the 19th of May 2009. In addition, Chris and Robbie have an infant daughter called Sloan Hanna, who was born on March 3 in 2015. In addition to their two children Chris and Robbie have the furry baby Gix who is their Golden Retriever.

The couple then Chris and Robbie got married on the 17th of October on the 17th of October, 2015. She had her children as flowers and boy. The wedding was held at a gorgeous beachside wedding.

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