Rhyperior Weakness Pokemon Go is an incredible pokemon of Gen4 and is also commonly referred to as “Drill Pokemon’. Did you know that the meaning of the name originates from rhino ( huge African mammal) and superior (dominant the dominant) other details will be covered within this article?.

The main series of Rhyperior V when he was the form of a massive figure was displayed and was under the management of Palmer.

There was a game which was fought between Palmer and Rhyperior in which they fought recklessly against the Grotle. It was then re-appearing during the final credits of Zoroark The the Master of Illusions.

In this article we’ll go over the move set as well as the abilities and skills of this incredible kind of pokemon that is rock or ground. With its incredible skill set it is possible to take on any enemy .let’s discover what it can do?

What Kind of Pokemon is Rhyperior?
Type Dual ( Ground / Rock)

Rhyperior is a massive dark, earthy Pokemon sporting two large horns, one on the nose and the other above. The upper horn appears more modest on female Rhyperior. It is a tail that resembles a club and stowaway, which is half covered by rough, orange plates.

Sharp with sharp edges that resembles projections on the elbows. also have openings in the hands that can be used as a gun or firearm. Additionally, it appears to have two massive rectangular rocks above its eyes, resembling heavy eyebrows. Garchomp can also be referred to as an Gen 4 pokemon and rival to Rhyperior.

It is capable of encapsulating stones and rocks into its arms via the holes within its grasp, and then shoot them out like slugs like it did with its previous mark , Rock Wrecker.

Yet, it will ever sometimes embed and then fire Geodude or Roggenrola inadvertently. Rhyperior is extremely tough carapace, which can withstand eruptions of volcanic origin and deflect attacks that are coming. It is able to frighten the adversaries before it plows into the opponent. Rhyperior is located within the mountain ranges.

Rhyperior Weakness Pokemon Go Variants:

Pokemon GO has various Rhyperior mega evolution sprites which could include previously unreleased versions as well. We’ve found two versions below:


The typical sprite for this Pokemon has an ark grey , purple body and an armor that is brown hue. The powers of this pokemon are fun and later we’ll be able to discover these movesets in this tutorial.


The Rhyperior shiny version is characterized by yellow armor on the body a light grey. This variation is extremely very rare.

Let’s find out more details about Rhyperior and its evolution cycle.

Rhyperior Evolution:
Its family Pokemon is comprised of three pokemon evolution. Based on the stage this pokemon can evolve to a stronger and better version.

Base Form ( Rhyhorn):

“Spike Pokemon”, Rhyhorn was introduced in the generation one.WIth 1 m in height and more than 100kg weight, the guy is able to use a lightning rod or rock head. One of its hidden talents is its recklessness.

  1. Type ( Rhydon):

Rhydon was added as a new species in Generation 1 and is the evolved version of Rhyhorn. You reach the level 42 of Rhyhorn the Rhydon becomes developed into Rhydon. In Gen 1, Rhydon holds an average of 45.

The Final Version ( Rhyperior):

Last version that is part of this family is only Rhyperior. This form can be equipped after protector the trading stake. This man has many dangerous capabilities to slay enemies in a matter of minutes.

If you’re really into anime, then you must not miss one of the episodes. I’m sure it’s difficult to watch thousands of episodes. I would suggest that you take a look at one-piece filler arcs.

Rhyperior Pokemon Movesets and Weaknesses:
Following is the complete information of the Rhyperior movesets as well as other weaknesses.

Basic Statistics:
Rhyperior is a dual-type ( Ground/Rock) pokemon. 115 HP as well as 140 attack, it’s an offensive kind of pokemon. It comes with a variety of amazing abilities to eliminate the enemy. The abilities and the explanations are listed below.


Generation 4(introduced)
Category Drill Pokemon
Height 2.4m
Abilities Lighting Rod/SoliRecklessRecless
Buddy Distance 3 km
Capture & Flee Rate 5%
Max CP 3733
Atk 140
Defense 130
Rhyperior Weakness Pokemon Go
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