One Piece Arc List Just Fillers:

One Piece Arc List: Episode 54-61, 98-99, 101-102, 131-143, 196-206, 220-226, 279-283, 291-292, 303, 317-319, 326-336, 382-384, 406-407, 426-429, 457-458, 492, 542, 575-578, 590, 626-628, 747-750, 775, 780-782, 807, 881 and scenes from 895-896.

Scene 907 is the most recent filler scene in the arrangement.

Ordinance Mixed with Fillers:

Episode 1, 34, 46-47, 68-69, 96-97, 100, 227, 354, 421, 425, 488-489, 510, 520, 536, 551, 574, 625, 633, 653, 657, 679, 690, 731, 751, 771, 777-778, 783, 787-789, 793, 798-803, 810, 816, 820-822, 825-826, 830, 835, 838-839, 841-842, 846, 849-850, 853, 855, 859, 863, 868, 872-873, 878-879, 882-885, 887-890, 898, 902, 910, 912, 914-915, 917, 924, and scene 934.

The main character in the show can be described as Monkey D Luffy, A boy out on a quest to find that treasure ” one piece filler” to be an upcoming Pirates King. In the wake of eating the Devil fruit Paramecia the character gained rubber-like powers in his body.

There are more than 900 shows inspired by various arcs and sagas are broadcast by Toei Animations that include Manga-based as well as also a lesser one-piece filler lists. A one-piece filler list has less filler episodes than other lists.

What are fillers?

The filler is non-canon content that is included in the storyline. It can include an arc or an saga, or even a number of episodes. Fillers help to develop the main storyline clearly. In both ways, narrative and visual fillers tend to be less than good and that’s the reason why some prefer to stay clear of fillers. However, they’re not all bad they may attract a large fan base. It was created to be faster than the Manga.
This guide will cover One Piece filler list, so you will be able to find what episodes are on the One Piece filler list, and then skip them for Original canon material.

What is the amount of filler in One Piece?

One Piece is one of the most well-known anime series. Although it is one of the best shows, One Piece also contains filler episodes. But the One Piece Filler List has lower rate of around 11 %. One Piece series has more than 90 episodes. And astonishingly, One Piece filler list is comprised of just one episode.

Filler episodes aren’t quite so bad as One Piece. There’s also a massive number of fans following episodes in One Piece filler list. However, there is also the crowd of those who aren’t interested in these filler episodes since they are looking for original manga and want to avoid the filler list, whether it’s One Piece filler list or other anime. In reality, they are suffering from an obsession with Manga.

This is why we have created a One Piece filler list for users to select which episodes in One Piece that are marked as filler, and therefore skip them.

One Piece filler list:

The following this is this list of the One Piece filler list (purely filler) therefore you are able to look them up and then skip them.

Filler episodes of Apis Ark:There eight episodes within this arc starting from Ep 54 to Ep 60. Apis the arc is also known as Warship
Island Arc. In this arc Luffy helped a girl named Apis in the hands of Marines and also assisted her dragon fly once more.
Following Alabasta Filler List:This arc added 5 episodes to the One Piece filler list, from 131-133. This is the post-arc where the crocodile gets defeat through Luffy while the country of Alabasta is saved by Luffy.
Goat Island Arc: Just after Alabasta Arc, the One Piece filler list has been starting from the goat arch (ep 130-136). The filler episodes focus on the goat and an elderly man. Luffy assisted the old man in getting rid of the marines that are determined to kill his goat. Actually, the goat was the most important thing to the old man. Luffy was able to save that goat.

Filler episodes inspired by Rainbow Mist Arc:This episode contains filler episodes of Ep 139-143. The episodes of this arc revolve around the land of Ruluka. A man of old age was trying to unravel the secrets of the rainbow mist, in order to rescue his friend from childhood who was trapped in it. However, the straw-hat pirate is determined to rule over the territory.

G8 ARC: (After the skypiea): Luffy and his crew tried to escape from the base of marines where they became caught in the wreckage on the boat. They had been hiding in various locations to protect themselves from marines. Luffy also wanted for the sake of saving Merry before he leaves. This story is packed with excitement and is based off 12 episodes added The One Piece filler list of Episode 196 to 206.

Ocean Dreams Arc: In this arch:

Luffy lost his memory while he was on the way to the water seven. The only robin that hasn’t lost his memories due to not sleeping through the night. They now have to battle a monster to recover their memories. Ocean dreams spanned a chunk of 4 episodes of The One Piece filler list from Episode 220-224. There’s also a shocking fight in the battle between Luffy and Zorro during this arc and is definitely worth watching.
Foxy with straw hatsThis story is inspired by the fight among Foxy pirates and pirates wearing straw hats. After their return, Foxy pirates start the battle against straw-hat pirates and lose.

This arc includes episodes from 225-226.

The Hunters of the Ice land: The plot of the story is about people who live on the ice , they are hunting pirates and they take their flags. The Aquino family assaults the straw-hats ship and take their flag. The flag was returned by the crew members without Luffy ever knowing about the incident. The series ran for 11 episodes, 326-335. It’s a simple eleventh episode of The One Piece filler list.
5-star Island Arc:5-star island was initially named Spa Island.

Luffy along with his team had stopped by to unwind, but they also happen to come across two siblings engaged in a projectile research by their father in order to assist them in completing the research of their father. Spa island arc has two filler episodes that run from 382 to 384. However, at the close of the arc the island that was thought as a place to relax was turned into ruin.
The Blue Island Fillers: Little East Blue island arc comprises One Piece filler episodes from 426 to 429. The evil planes of the pirate Largo are stopped by straw-hat pirates of this arc.
Vice President’s daughter’s ambitious:Luffy helped the daughter of a vice-president named Momanga to release the innocent man captured by the Manga. Episodes 575-578 within the One Piece filler list are from this episode.
Marine Rookie Arc Filler: While returning from Sanji to Big Mom, Straw hat decides to steal food items from the marines as they’re starving and have nothing left. Episodes counted in The One Piece filler list from this arc . They are 780-782.
Carbonic Acid King Arc Within the One Piece filler list, here are the latest filler episodes. In this episode, Luffy along with Boa Hancock, defeats the bounty hunter in order to obtain the cola supply needed for the straw hats on the ship because they’re out of cola.
The dialogues, the stories , and the action sequences that are created by One Piece is absolutely the work of genius. If Rorona Zoro stated “you would like to murder me? It’s impossible to even end my boredom” You can tell the quality of this series based on this line. great it was created. It’s the reason why it’s one of the most popular anime shows in the history of television. Below is the One-piece filler list that is completely filler, which means that none of these stories are related with the Manga.

Do you need to take a break from watching One Piece filler episodes?

It’s your choice if you decide to go to the show or not. But for those who is viewing One Piece for the first time, it’s a challenge to distinguish between canon and filler. you might discover that the show you watched was filler once watching it. That’s why I have discussed The One Piece filler list in more detail in the previous paragraph. If you’re watching One Piece, you notice that it’s fascinating and you’ll be sure to go back to other episodes, too.

Although the One Piece filler list which is pure filler, there are also mixed fillers within One Piece. Here is the explanation for mixed fillers.

What are the Mixed Fillers seasons in One Piece?

Mixed filler and canon episodes include the contents of the manga, but also include a portion of the filler. It is therefore worth watching. I suggest watching these episodes in order to avoid getting lost to the main plot.

One Piece anime series is extremely viewed as serious and is considered to be among the top inspiring anime series in the globe.

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