Naruto Filler List is among the most adored anime ever There’s no way you’re unaware of the title ” Naruto,” but you’re not sure of what to watch Let me assist you. Because it is comprised of over 900 hours so the most efficient method to watch this show is to avoid the naruto filler and in the following guide we’ve listed every list of Naruto’s fillers to assist you in watching it easily.

The Naruto names refer to Maelstrom and Maelstrom signifies an enormous whirlpool at water or in the river. Naruto has the title of a Japanese manga written as well as drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto is an alias which has been employed by parents who have been looking for names for babies for boys. The story Naruto Uzumaki’s tale of an aspiring young ninja who is disregarded by his community because of the Nine-Tailed beast in his body. He seeks the recognition of his fellow villagers and hopes of becoming to become the Hokage an outstanding leader of his village.

What exactly is Naruto Filler List?
Filler is a term used to describe the story of an anime which was not part of the manga. manga is a kind of manga is a comic publication in Japanese culture. The purpose of stuffing is to hide the fact that the filler isn’t based on the plot in the animation.

What filler episode can you find in Naruto:
The filler episodes for naruto total in the series are 89 of 200. It contains 40 percent filler episodes and 2 percent less than the Naruto Shippuden fillers.

How to watch naruto without filler?:

Here is the quick guide to watching naruto filler free episodes:

Watch Episode 1 to 25
Skip Episode 26
Watch Episode 26 to 96
Skip Episode 97
Watch Episode 98 to 100
Skip Episode 101 to 106
Watch Episode 107 TO 135
Skip Episode 135 TO 219
Filler Content Episode(s)
A Recap Of The Show Till Now 26
Trying To Take Tsunade’s Debt 97
Trying To Uncover Kakashi’s Face 101
The Land Of Tea Escort Mission 102-106
Land Of Rice Fields Investigation Mission 136-141
Mizuki Tracking Mission 142-147
Bikochu Search Mission 148-151
Kurosuki Family Removal Mission 152-157
Gosunkugi Capture Mission 159, 160
Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission 162-167
Kaima Capture Mission 169-173
Daimyo Heir Escort Mission 174
Buried Gold Excavation Mission 175, 176
Stopping The Courier Ninja 177
Star Guard Mission 178-183
Various One-Off Episodes 184-186
Peddlers Escort Mission 187-191
Third Great Beast Arc 195, 196
Konoha Plans Recapture Mission 197-201
The Best Battles During The Sasuke Recovery Mission 202
Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission 203-207
Prized Artifact Escort Mission 208
Gantetsu Escort Mission 209-212
Menma Memory Search Mission 213-215
Sunagakure Support Mission 216-220
Naruto Filler List

If You don’t want to Skip Fillers:

Some arc filler is mixed in the manga of Naruto so those who want the 100% completion

I don’t mind seeing slight burning. If you don’t want to skip naruto filler, check out the following list.

Watch Episode 197 to 222
Skip Episode 223 to 242
Watch Episode 243 256
Half filler/half manga Episode 257
Skip Episode 258 to 260
Watch Episode 261 to 278
Skip Episode 279 to 281
Watch Episode 282 & 283
Skip Episode 284 to 295
protect   Episode 296 to 302
Skip    Episode 303 320
Watch   Episode 321 to 346
Skip   Episode 347 to 361
Watch Episode 362 to 375
Skip Episode 376 to 377
Watch Episode 378 to 388
Skip Episode 389 to 390
Watch Episode 391 to 393
Skip Episode 394 to 413
WatchNaruto Filler List: 100% Complete Guide | All Episode Naruto Shippuden Fillers Episode 414 to 415
skip Episode 416 to 417
Watch Episode 418
Skip Episode 419
Watch Episode 420 to 421
Skip Episode 422 to 423
Watch Episode 424 to 426
Skip Episode 427 to 457
Watch Episode 458 to 459
Skip Episode 460 to 462
Watch Episode 463
Skip Episode 463 to 468
Watch Episode 469 to 479
Skip Episode 480 to 483
Watch Episode 484 to 500
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