Maria del refugio abarca villaseñor: USA and Mexico are such countries that are famous for the film industry. And there are unlimited famous and successful actors, film stars, directors, and producers whose’ movies are well-known in 20th and 21st centuries. Here we will discuss Maria del Refugio Abarca villaseñor, a Mexican singer and businesswoman.

She is the wife of the famous Mexican film star and singer Vicente Fernandez. In this article, we will discuss this couple and their lives. Both celebrities are famous worldwide for their acting and best voice for singing in different languages.

Vicente Fernandez: Maria del refugio abarca villaseñor

If we talk about the singing world of Mexico, the name Vicente Fernandez is like a shining star in the sky of singing. He was a famous singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer. Most people have only one name, and some have a nickname, but Vicente Fernandez has multiple names. His is called Chente, the short name of Vicente, El Charro de Huentitan, El Idolo de Mexico (the Idol personality of Mexico), and his nickname for the king of Ranchera Music is El Rey de la Musica Ranchera.

He started his career singing and busking in Mexico. And he became too much famous that he has a record for over 100 music albums and 30 movies. He has a good name in the singing of classic and rancheros songs during his career. If we talk about his awards, he was one of the best winning awards in Mexico, and he was the winner of three Grammy Awards and 8 Latin Grammy awards; he was also famous as the best actor in Hollywood movies. And as a Mexican artist star, he has sold more than 50 million worldwide copies worldwide.

He died on December 12, 2021.

And now he is not in this world, but he is living in the hearts of his fans. After his death, the most spoken topic about Vicente Fernandez was his love for his family and his music occupation. All his family and fans accept the love of her wife, Maria Del Refugio Abarca villaseñor, who supported him in all fields of life. So this couple was living both until the death of Vicente Fernandez. 

The love story of Vicente Fernandez and his wife, Maria Del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor

This couple is famous in the showbiz world that has spent too much time with each other. And this tenure is more than 60 years. The nickname of Maria del refugio abarca villaseñor the wife of Vicente Fernandez is Dona Coquito. She was helpful to his husband’s business Fernandez Empire, and they have earned a good name in this industry.

Vicente Fernandez mostly remains to buy in his career, while her wife Maria Del Refugio Abarca villaseñor handles all business relations and support for singing. Both husband and wife were neighbors, and they fell in love with each other, and both were born in Huentitan Jalisco.

They were neighbors of each other’s and living in Guadalajara. At the same time, Maria del Refugio Abarca villaseñor was the younger sister of his singer friend.

They knew each other’s, and there was no relationship

But one day, they saw each other with a loving eye, and then they married and became husband and wife. Vicente Fernandez saw her in church and fell in love with her. In the beginning, they were only boyfriend and girlfriend. Once, the family of Vicente Fernandez asks about her future wife, so he asks for only some days. So he offered a flower that was a sign of love, and accepted the love of the famous singer.

There were some difficulties with both this younger couple. Because of their focus, Vicente was on his singing career. For this purpose, he traveled from other cities and sometimes out of Mexico. So he talks with her wife about having a boyfriend. But she refuses by saying that she loves such person that loves his career. So with the hard work of both this couple. They have earned a good name in the world of singing and the history of Mexico.

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