Net Worth: $360 Million
Age: 57
Born: September 2, 1964
Country of Origin: Lebanon
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor
Last Updated: 2022
Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2022 – Biography, Career

Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2022 – Biography, Career. Charles Reeves aka Keanu Reeves is an actor from Canada. Canadian actor from Lebanon. He began his career in the movie “One Step Away”. Reeves has been honored with his share of MTV Movie Awards. People also refer to him as the most kind and selfless guy in Hollywood.

Keanu Reeves Net Worth, Biographyand Age of his wife, Height, Weight, and a host of other details are available on this page. Keanu Reevedz an actor from Canada. Canadian actor who has an estimated value of $400,000. This article will provide all the information regarding Keanu Reeves ‘ net worth as well as his earnings and career, as well as personal life and much more. Keanu earns a living acting as an American movie rroduser, mudzisian and direstor. He was a star in the spotlight due to his character John Wisk franshidze, Neo in The Matrikh Franshidze and Dzreed 1994.

According to several sources, in 2022, his income is estimated at $40 million. The major source of his income is from his acting career as well as business ventures, promotion as well as brand partnerships.

Keanu is most well-known for his role on “The Matic” in 1999, and also his role in “John Wick” from the 2014 film series. Keanu also appears in a variety of games-themed videos like “CyberPunk 2077,”” “Fortnite,” and numerous others. Based on estimates that the net worth of his is around $360 million.

Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2022 Early life:

Keanu Reeves was born the 2 September 1964. September, 1964. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon. His fatherwas “Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr.” As well as his mom are Patricia Taylor, a costume designer. His mother hails from Essex and his father comes from Hawaii. When Patricia is working in Beirut She meets her father. His father divorces him from his mother at the age of three years old. Following the divorce in 1966 the mother left him and the rest of his family for good. Keanu first met his dad when he turned 13 years old on Kauai island.

Following the divorce of his parents, Patricia move to Sydney, Australia, along with his family in the year 1966. Then, New York Where she married two second times in a row with Hollywood Director “Paul Aaron” in the year 1970. Then, the couple relocated in Toronto, Canada. However, in 1971 the couple filed for divorced, when Keanu was just 9 years old.

Keanu becomes attracted to acting and takes an active role as an actor in Damn Yankees, a theatre production. Keanu’s mother got married to “Robert Miller” Music Promoter in the year 1976. The marriage lasted for four years, before the couple split in the year 1980. Patricia was married for the fourth time using the hairdresser “Jack Bond.” The union continues until 1994. Keane along with his two younger siblings age.


The year 1984 saw Keaue was hired as correspondent for the television show “Going Good”. In the same year Keaue is offered the opportunity to appear in the TV show “Hangin’ In.” He also appeared on”Coca Cola,” a “Coca Coca” Commercial. Additionally In 1984, he was involved in his first Canadian documentary “One Step Away”.

Keane was a part of the huge screenin the film “Youngblood” during 1986. Keane had his first big success with the 1989 smash hit”Bill Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The film earns a gain of $40 million and Keaau becomes a celebrity. Then, he is involved into Point Break as well as the independent hit My Own Private Idaho.

Keane is recognized for his work following the popularity of “action film Speed” which he released in the year 1994. The film earned a total gross of $350.5 million, and securing two Academy Awards. Additionally, he was involved in the sequels to “The Matrix” in 1999, as well as “The Matrix: Reloaded” (2003) and “The Matrix: The Revolutions” (2003). The action and sci-fi film that grossed 1.6 billion dollars. Also “Jhon Wick” (2004), “Jhon Wick Chapter 2” (2017), and “John Wick Chapter 3″John Wick: Chapter 3″ – Parabellum” (2019) which bring in 500 million at the box office , and greater than 4.6 billion dollars at the global box office.

Keanu appears in the “Neo” character on “The Matrix”. In the beginning, he was paid $10 million as a result of the huge success of the film. The overall earnings of “The Matrix” about $200 million. The net worth of Keane Reaves is $360 million.

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Personal Life:

Keanu and his wife, Jennifer Syme, give birth to his first child “Ava Archer Syme-Reeves” on the 24th of December 1999. Rafter having been pregnant for eight months. The couple split up on April 21, 2001. After a couple of occasions, Jennifer Syme spotted dead in a car crash on the parking lot. Police discovered prescription and depression-killing medications in her car.

Keanu also has romantic connections to film director “Brenda Davis” as well as the model-actress “China Claw”. Keanu is seen together with Alexandra Grant at a party (dinner event). In which they both agree to write to two books. Then, in 2019, they will announce the public their agreement.

Keanu is a spiritual being and is a believer in God and faith. When asked about his faith in spirits, he replied “in God, faith, inner faith, self-confidence passion, things, and God”. He is also regarded as the most kind, selfless and most joyful individual living in Hollywood.

He was also in a variety of video games, including “CyberPunk 2077 (Johnny Silverhand),” “Fortnite (Jhon Wick Skin),” “Enter the Matrix (Neo)”

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