Roblox isn’t going to be taken down in 2022.

Roblox is the world’s biggest social gaming platform that lets kids of all ages can engage, make adventures, and enjoy themselves.

Is Roblox shutting down? This question has been asked by a lot of players of the game, but haven’t received an official announcement of the business. Recently, there were speculations floating around on social media platforms that Roblox could be shutting down.

As of the writing time there is no official confirmation of Roblox closing down 2022. The majority of “Roblox getting deleted in 2022” talk originates from prominent gamers propagating misinformation and rumors. However, news that is negative spreads fast, even if it’s false.

It’s true that Roblox will not be removed, deleted or shut down by 2022 regardless of the platform, whether it’s PC, iPhone, Android or Xbox.

Will Roblox ever get deleted?

Roblox being deleted is a logical thing since nothing is everlasting.

They eventually fade in popularity, only to be replaced by something fresher and more thrilling replacing them. However, if Roblox continues to develop and adjust to the ever-changing requirements of the marketplace, it is likely to last for a lengthy time.

There’s currently any official information, or credible reports suggesting the possibility that Roblox will be deleted any time shortly, so don’t get too worried.

When is Roblox Shutting Down?

There aren’t any reports suggesting that Roblox will cease to exist any time soon. There are rumors that the game is closing down and leaving its users dissatisfied are not true. Roblox is still available and available to all there!

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