Neurodegeneration Disease

The Neurodegenerative disease is affecting and impacting the lives of a lot of individuals these days. The most widely noticed Neurodegeneration is Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s Disease. These diseases are triggered when the nerve cell or the peripheral nervous system in your body loses its ability to function and dies. 

There are several factors such as stress and also exposure to environmental factors such as chemicals, pesticides, and air pollution that can trigger Neurodegeneration disease in an individual. If you suspect the early stages of the disease, you must always consult with the best neurologist in Delhi. BLK-MAX hospital has a few of the leading neurologists in Delhi. 

Common Neurodegenerative Diseases

  • Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is the most known cause of dementia for older folks.

  • Huntington’s disease

In Huntington’s, there are symptoms such as athetosis, aggression, dementia, chorea, and depression. 

  • Parkinson’s disease

In Parkinson’s disease, a loss of the dopaminergic neurons is noticed. The symptoms of this disease are tremors, postural instability, rigidity, and shuffling gait. 

  • Fredrich ataxia

This disease is an autosomal recessive genetic disease that leads to a lack of coordination and further gait abnormality. 

  • Lewy body disease

An individual suffering from this disease experiences visual hallucinations along with dementia and fluctuating cognition. 

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

This is a degenerative disorder of the lower and the upper motor neuron. The individual suffering from this disease may experience symptoms like muscle atrophy, impaired reflexes, flaccid paralysis, and fasciculation. 

Worrying can Lead to Neurodegenerative Disease

In recent studies, it has been shown that one of the major causes of neurodegenerative disease in individuals is excessive amounts of stress. 

Being exposed to too much stress in childhood will make an individual more prone to neurodegenerative disease. Grown adults who are constantly under stress or work in a stressful environment have a high risk of developing the neurodegenerative disease later in the future as they age. 

Both stressful upbringing and triggering life-altering events can lead to these disorders within an individual. In many studies, it has been shown that exposure to too much stress for an individual further has a grave impact on their central nervous system. 

Stress-related disorders to PTSD( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can further result in Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease in an individual. 

In the cell of your body’s endoplasmic reticulum, a protein is produced, and it is used by the rest of your cells to function and utilize. This also plays a vital role in storing calcium in the body. The ER calcium is regulated within the body in such a manner that it receives the correct amount of protein in order to function properly. 

The central nervous system of your body experiences constant stress for prolonged periods of time, and this distribution of calcium becomes uneven in the body. Further, this results in neurodegenerative diseases in your body over time. 

Stress Neurodegeneration disease is impacted by an alteration of the ER function. As a result of this, there is an accumulation of misfolded protein within the ER lumen in an individual. This condition is known as the ER stress. 

Symptoms of Neurodegeneration

In most cases, the early stages of any Neurodegeneration disease are relatively difficult to detect, but as the disease progresses, so does the symptom, and you may see the symptoms more clearly. A few of the most common symptoms of Neurodegenerative disease are:

  • Cognitive Problem

Individuals may suffer from dementia, lack of intellectual abilities, impaired memory, and language problem

  • Insomnia

Individuals may have difficulty falling asleep. 

  • Depression

Individuals may experience depression, anxiety, and stress.

  • Mood Change

The individual may experience severe mood changes without any proper cause. 

  • Controlling movement Problem

The individual may also experience slow movements, face tremors, muscular rigidity, and also problem balancing

  • Difficulty in swallowing

Individuals may have difficulty chewing their food and further swallowing it. 

  • Communicative problem

Individuals may also experience difficulty in expressing themselves and also in taking commands. 

Finishing Lines

There are several kinds of research and studies that state that excessive amounts of stress exposure and worry can result in Neurodegenerative disease over the long term. They can cause diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. If you notice the symptoms of the early stages of Neurodegenerative disease, you must always consult with the best neurologist in your state. 

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