If you are an individual who is looking to get knee replacement surgery, there are several things that you must consider before finally getting your surgery done. 

There have been studies that say individuals who follow routine prehabilitation physical therapy in order to strengthen their muscle, experience better relief after knee replacement surgery

There are several measures that you will need to follow before your knee replacement surgery; they are:

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking prevents your bones, skin, and your tissues from further healing. It makes it tough for your body to fight any sort of infection. However, there is proper research that shows that if you quit smoking prior to your surgery, the risk of complications goes down severely. 

  • Dental Care

You must not schedule your dental care appointment prior to your knee replacement surgery. It is usually advised not to schedule your dental care appointment 6 weeks before the surgery. The germs that are present in your body can further enter your bloodstream and then affect and infect the new joints. 

  • Adjust medications

In order to avoid any further complications, you must always avoid taking blood thinners prior to your knee replacement surgery. You should be straightforward with your knee replacement doctor about your health problems and what prescribed medicine you are currently taking. 

  • Avoid Alcohol

Along with ignoring several editions, you must also always ignore the consumption of alcohol prior to your surgery. Consumption of alcoholic beverages may further lead to excessive bleeding and dehydration. 

  • Identify and Appoint a Caregiver

You must also make proper arrangements back at home for a proper caregiving facility. Effective rehabilitation post-surgery will help you recover fast. 

Common Precautions Post Surgery

After your knee replacement surgery, during the recovery period, if you perform activities such as squatting and bending, it can further lead to injuries. If You are looking to go for a knee replacement surgery, you must always minimize these risks and make several arrangements to make it easier for you. 

  • Arrange a spouse, friend, or professional caregiver who can help you post-surgery.
  • Make arrangements for your transportation post-surgery. Most patients are unable to drive for a time period of 4-6 weeks after the knee replacement surgery.
  • You must always stock up on toiletries and pre-made meals to make living easier for you. 
  • If possible, make arrangements to stay on the ground floor. You must avoid stairs. 
  • If possible, you must make arrangements for our bed frame. The transition of getting in and out of bed must not put your leg under much stress.
  • Make sure to move arrangements that are risky, and there may be chances where you might trip and fall. This can be a very bad decision for your knee surgery. 
  • Make sure all the railing of your house is sturdy if you are using the stairs.
  • You must install a small railing and grab bars in your toilet and shower region to prevent any accidents from happening. 
  • You must install a modified toilet seat in your washroom after your surgery. An elevated toilet seat will prevent more stress on your knee than a regular low toilet seat. 
  • You should install or keep a small tool in your shower region in order to prevent yourself from slipping and falling. 
  • You must always prepare and keep ice packs handy to help you relieve swelling post-surgery. 
  • You must practice walking using a cane or walker prior to the surgery to get an idea of what is working for you better and what is more comfortable for you. 

To Conclude

A knee replacement surgery is one of the most common surgeries for your joint. It is done to relieve you of pain and discomfort. This pain and discomfort are usually triggered by arthritis. There are a couple of days of rehabilitation required post your surgery, where you must take proper care of your knee. 

However, after the recovery period is over, your knee is at its best function. If you are looking to get your knee replaced, one of the best and the most reliable choice of options is BLK MAX hospital. Book a slot and get treated by the top orthopedic surgeons today.

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