How to Play Tower of Hell Game: Tower of Hell in Roblox is a round-based Obby Game made by YXCeptional Studios’ PyxlDev and ObrenTune. The goal of the game is to reach the top of the randomly generated tower, which resets every six minutes. When a player finishes a tower before the timer resets, the timer is sped up.

Tower of Hell was nominated for Mobile Game of the Year and won the Bloxy Award for the best round-based game at the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards Event. In this game, players must complete numerous towers with no checkpoints, which means that even if you fall from the highest point, you must start from the bottom of the tower, level 00.

Today, we’ll look at some ideas or a guide for novices who are having trouble understanding what they need to do and how to progress in the Tower. Because the majority of players in this game are teenagers or youngsters under the age of 16, this instruction is designed for newcomers.

Tower of Hell Game Playing Instructions

Tower of Hell is not a tough game to understand, but it can appear challenging to play for those who have never played a game like this before. Climbing to the top from level 00 without any checkpoints is extremely difficult and irritating if you don’t know how. As a result, today we will look at some fast gaming tips that will help beginners perform better in this game. You can use one more tip, you can use krnl exploit to hack or cheat in the Roblox games Furthermore, these recommendations are only for PC/Laptop gamers, not mobile players.


There will be a tab with three bars in the top left corner. Click on it. This is the options window. There will be a settings option in this tab; click on it and hover down to where it reads Shift Lock Switch; turn it on and restart the game. Press the left shift key to engage the shift lock switch. Instead of turning the camera, you can now rotate your character using your mouse. This will aid you in moving forward, backward, or sideways while maintaining a complete perspective of your character.


To get an advantage over other players, walk to the side of level 00 where there are long steps, and climb the step from a spot where you can jump and simply reach the top of the stairs from where the platform for reaching the next level is closer. To properly time your placement on the staircase, you must utilize the “W” key wisely and fast in conjunction with the Spacebar key (to jump).


In some situations, you may need to disable Shift Lock by hitting the left Shift key in order to make Truss jumps. Truss hops are essential when you need to jump to the opposite side of your body when ascending up and you need to jump on the stage facing your back. By turning off the Shift lock, you will be able to look back and correctly jump on the stage.


Another obstacle in this game is avoiding lava while attempting to climb up. If you even touch the lava, you will be deformed and fall back to the first level. To deal with this lava, keep the shift lock on and carefully navigate your way through lava-filled passageways.


Moving gaps will usually occur at a later time. To finish such stages, keep the shift lock on and slide sideways slowly to nearby pathways. You are not required to jump every time. Moving slowly with your mouse to glance sideways for the distance between the paths makes. It easier to navigate around tight spots.


Standing Jumps can be quite useful in stages with lava-filled passageways and narrow places. You must move your character by first using the jump key (spacebar). And then moving with W, A, S, and D. This will help you avoid the lava and make precise movements to go ahead.

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If you follow these suggestions as a beginner, you will quickly learn how to beat the tower. Read the advice carefully and put it into practice.

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