Full Name Gunner Vincent Calaway
Profession American freelance artist
Popular For Son of Mark William Calaway(Undertaker)
Age (As in 2022) 28 years old
Date of Birth 1993
Zodiac Sign N/A
Birth Place the United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
School/University Full Sail University
Height 5’10”
Eye Color Blue
Weight 69 kilograms
Estimated net worth N/A
Father Mark William Calaway(Undertaker)
Mother Jodi Lynn
Gunner Vincent Calaway’s Net Worth 2022

Gunner Vincent Calaway’s Net Worth 2022 is a well-known American freelance illustrator and artist. He is well-known among people because his father has worked as an ex-wrestler. In the world of wrestling, The Undertaker has become a legend who has broken numerous records in the world of wrestling. Additionally, he’s also a well-known streamer.

He is the son of Undertaker has taken him to the top of Wrestling. He has won many championships including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Gunner is an extremely artistic person and a game-streamer through Twitch. If you are interested in knowing more about this artist, look over the following information belo

Gunner Vincent was born sometime in 1993?

in the United States of America. The name of his mother is Jody Lynn and his father’s name is Mark William Calaway. There’s no info on the work that his mom is in. The father, on the other hand, doesn’t require any introduction. The parents of his father divorced when he was just six. They’ve been together for just ten years, and have only one child. He is 27 years old, and his height is 5 feet and 10 inches. There isn’t much information regarding his educational background, the fact is that he was an excellent student. Full Sail University was popular in the era and he graduated there. He has three step sisters, however they are not close to them.

Gunner Vincent is working as streamer on the Twitch channel. He has a huge number of subscribers because the streamer entertains them regularly with his updates and videos. Since he enjoys playing a variety of video games, the videos he makes are appealing visually to many. The most well-known games he is a part of are ‘ Hearthstone,’ Fallout: New Vegas, and ‘ Enter the Dungeon’. In addition, he is an illustrator who likes creating unique and unique designs.

You can see all of his gorgeous creations on Instagram. In one of his recent interviews , he declared his dream to become an expert in video game design. Although he’s involved in media, however he has not received any recognition or awards. If we look at his father , “the undertaker,” He has made a number of records in WWE. But he chose a different plan of action and did not choose wrestling as a profession.

Relationships and Controversies

Gunner hasn’t shared any details about his relationship to the press. Many believe that he’s single , while others think there is someone special to him. He’s living a happy life free of any controversy. This is among the reasons that he has become well-known on social media too. Although he’s an a-list child, he stays his distance from media scandals.

Net Worth

Gunner is making a substantial amount of money because of his profession. Since he is an illustrator and streamer, his earnings keep growing. But his net worth is not yet disclosed through the mainstream media. The undertaker’s father has a earnings that is $17 million.

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