Friday Night Funkin Characters Complete Guide: The principal persona, Friday Night Funk, faces off against various rivals in fights for the rap. Let’s look at the principal characters of this rhythm game.


Boyfriend Friday Night Funk is the principal character. He would like to be accepted to go out for his partner. In order to do this He will need to confront his bad father, his former rock actor his father (Daddy Diarist) and several other characters who hinder his progress.

Girl friend: Friday Night Funkin Characters Complete Guide

Girlfriend Boyfriend’s girlfriend. She is the daughter of Daddy Diarst and Mimi Marist. You can often see her at the sound system and dancing in time with music. While playing she cheers for the track and her partner Kamboj. There’s a tutorial on her tracks, where she teaches players the fundamentals of gameplay.

Pump and skid

Skid as well as Pump are opposite each other in the second week. The first guest to be featured as a part of the Friday Night Funk. The characters are out of the Crepe Month web series created by Sri Pello. Sr Pelo is a Mexican YouTuber animator, animator, artist also known as voice-over actor. He is well-known for his cartoons, as and animated-based parodies on video games, such for Team Fortress 2, Super Mario and Undertail.

The characters are awed by Creepy Month so much that they dress up in their costumes throughout the year. They are confronted at the house of the girl’s parents and a mysterious creature who requires an exclusive invitation. After arriving they requested their friend to create the “treat” and challenge her boyfriend to be the winner. It was later discovered that the person who tried to lure Skid as well as Pump to snare his lover was an abomination. He was determined to eat his partner as the “cure” and personally challenged his friend following the defeat by skid and pump.


Pico contests the third week. This Pico Quest genre flash game is a product of Pico School. Since the time, Pico has appeared in many New Grounds flash movies and games, and remains a well-known player on the website. After the first week’s performance the father employed Pico to humiliate his son and even kill him.


Second and Fifth Week secondary opponents.  Is on the track every weekend.


Senpai will be the primary antagonist in Week 6. The protagonist is confronted by Senpai. the two fight to a heartfelt battle and a girlfriend. After defeating Senpai He suddenly transforms into a different personality, rapidly becoming angry.

After the second loss the spirit escapes from Senpai who is locked within the match. The spirit shows that it has been within the sport for quite a while without having contact with others. However, he admits that he knows his girlfriend and recalls the fact that his father is accountable for his imprisonment.

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