Eye Pain: Why do my eyes hurt? What Are the Causes? can be caused by various causes, such as dryness of the eyes, a foreign object that is stuck inside your eyes, an additional issue that could be more serious, leading to eye discomfort and/or loss of vision.

pain is a frequent problem and usually treated without medicine or appropriate treatment. Eye pain is often referred to as an ophthalmalgia. Eye pain is classified by type based on where you feel the discomfort like:

Ocular pain is a symptom that appears on the outer surface of the eye and

Orbital pain is a common occurrence in the eye.

Why do my eyes hurt? that manifests on the surface can be a burning, scratching or itching sensation. It is often caused by irritation from an external object or infection. This kind of eye pain is addressed with droplets or rest. Eye pain that develops deeper within the eye could be a bit stubbly, stabbing, throbbing , or even painful. The type of eye pain may be in required more extensive treatment. Eye pain could be caused by visual loss could be an indication of a medical emergency and it is recommended to consult with an eye doctor immediately.

Eye pain can be caused by: Behind the eye

The most common causes of discomfort behind the eyes include migraine headaches as well as sinus infections.

When it comes to migraine headaches the pain nearly always occurs behind just one eye, and is often associated with pain on the opposite face.

Eye pain due to sinus infections is usually less severe than the pain of migraines, and both eyes can be affected.

Although eye pain can be caused by these reasons is usually not a cause for concern however, if you suffer from ongoing or persistent discomfort of this kind consult an eye doctor or general doctor seeking treatment, and also to find out what you can do to avoid future instances.

Why do my eyes hurt? is a common cause. Eye pain

A very commonly reported causes of discomfort around the eyes is the presence of a Stye (hordeolum) on the eyelid.

A stye does not require immediate treatment from an eye doctor and is usually treated at home with warm compresses on the eyelid a few times per every day for a couple of days.

What Causes Ocular Pain?

The Ocular which originates from the surface of the eye is due to the following reasons:

Foreign object: The main reason for eye pain is the simple act of putting something into your eye. If it’s as small as an eyelash, a small part of dirt or even makeup, having something foreign inside the eye can trigger irritation, redness, itching, irritation, watery eyes and even discomfort.

Contact Lens Inflammation: Those who wear contact lenses for long periods of time or who do not clean their lenses in a timely manner are more susceptible to irritation to the eyes that causes pain or infections.

Injuries: Chemical or flash burns to the eye may also trigger significant discomfort. The burns can be due to exposure to irritants like bleach, bright light sources like the sun, components used in arc welding , tanning booths, and many other.

Blepharitis: Blepharitis happens when oil glands located on the corner of the eyelid get inflamed or infected due to a variety of reasons. The condition can also cause eyes discomfort.

Sty: A blepharitis-related infection can cause a nodule, or a small bumps that are raised within the eyelid. This is known as the chalazion or sty. Stys can be extremely painful, and the area that is near the sty tends to be sensitive to the touch.

Conjunctivitis: The conjunctiva an eyelid tissue that covers the eye’s front and the underside on the lid. It is prone to becoming infected and inflamed which leads to an infection or allergy. Although the discomfort is usually moderate, the inflammation can cause itching and redness as well as watering within the eyes. Conjunctivitis may also be known by the name pink eye.

What Causes Orbital Pain?

Eye pain or discomfort that occurs within the eye or orbital pain can be due to the following causes:

Eye Injury: Injuries that cause piercing to the eyes may be caused by a person being hit by something or had an accident which causes eye injuries.

Glaucoma This type of condition develops when the pressure in the eye increases. Additional symptoms of glaucoma with headache, nausea and blurred vision.

Sinusitis: Infection of the sinuses may create pressure behind the eyes to increase. In the event it may cause discomfort in either or both eyes.

Eye pain in migraines is an additional regular consequence during migraine attack.

Iritis: Common inflammation in the iris could cause pain deep within the eye.

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