Destiny 2 Fractal Rolls: The season of Christmas is upon us It’s the time to celebrate, which is why Bungie will be celebrating the holiday season by making available Dawning 2021. Dawning 2021 event in Destiny 2. Similar to the previous year, you can use an oven to bake all kinds of treats that are themed to the holidays and then hand them to your favorite characters from the game. Learn how to bake Fractal Rolls in Destiny 2.

How to Make Fractal Rolls in Destiny 2 (Recipe)

To create in Destiny 2 You will require three ingredients. This recipe can be found here:

Vex Milk

Pinch of Light

Essence of Dawning

Vex Milk can be acquired by killing Vex enemies. You will find them on Nessus.

A Pinch of Light is an ingredient which can only be acquired by killing enemies using your Super. It doesn’t matter what kind you’re fighting, so long as you can take them down with your Super, you stand a an opportunity to obtain the Pinch of Light.

How do you create

As with the majority of recipes from Destiny 2’s Dawning Event, Fractal Rolls will require players to mix two distinct components (one Common and one Rare) in the Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0. When they are combined (and along with 15 Essence of Dawn) players will be awarded the ability to purchase a unique item which will then be sent to an NPC in a specific location across the globe. In the case of Fractal Rolls, players are likely to be preparing for a trip over to Mercury and find Brother Vance will be waiting with his freshly baked goodies.

Destiny 2 Fractal Rolls

Three ingredients players must have in order to bake these delicious treats effectively. These ingredients include Vex Milk, Pinch of Light as well as Essence of Dawning. You’ll require only one Vex Milk as well as 1 Pinch of Light with 15 Essence of Danwing for this particular recipe.

Guardians can earn Vex Milk by removing Vex opponents in every game. The Pinch of Light can be obtained by grabbing Orbs of Light. Dawning’s essence is achieved by completing tasks as well as Dawning Bounties.

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