Full Name David Allan Coe
Net Worth $10 Million
Date Of Birth September 6, 1939
Place Of Birth Akron, Ohio, U.S.
Profession Songwriter, outlaw country music singer, guitarist
Education Starr Commonwealth For Boys reform school, Ohio State Penitentiary
Nationality American
Children Shelli Coe, Tyler Mahan Coe, Carla Coe, Tanya Montana Coe, Shyanne Coe, You Never Even Called Me by My Name, If That Ain’t Country, Would You Lay With Me
Parents Donald Mahan Coe
David Allan Coe Net Worth in 2022

David Allan Coe Net Worth in 2022 is a well-known American artist, songwriter and guitarist. He has accumulated a substantial sum of money due to his talents and determination. He was among the most popular artists in the 70s as well as 1980s.His most popular songs that have been a hit comprise the hit songs The Ride, Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile, you haven’t even called me By my nameLonghaired Redneck and She Used to Like Me a lot. It is not unusual that he’s given some huge hits in his career. His voice is mellow and pleasant to listen to, and that’s why the artist has received many admiration. Young people could learn a lot from his music. If you’d like to learn more about this talented artist, here’s the information below:

David Allen Coe was born on September 6, 1939, at Akron, Ohio. He’s 82 now. 

From his early years, he has took an interest in music. Because he spent the majority of his time in reform schools, he began writing songs. He was averse to blues, and was later morphed to country music. When he was a kid, his music’s inspiration came from Johnny Ace.

David was sentenced to an indefinite prison sentence in the year 1968. Then he started the musical journey. He began performing on streets and his friend Shelby Singleton was influenced by his music. Shelby had a renowned record label, Plantation Records. It took only a few minutes for the two to sign a contract. Tyler Mahan Coe is his son, and the singer has produced a wide range of country music to the global audience. He also has a child, Shelli Coe Mackie and is the father-inlaw of deceased Michael Mackie. His son-in-law worked with a well-known band called “Thunderosa.”.

The music industry

David has released a number of smash singles and albums during his career. Many of the songs reached the top of the Billboard chart. The artist gained a lot of fame and recognition throughout the world through his music. Castles in a sand was the beginning of his commercial chart-topping success. The album spent a number of time in the Billboard Country music chart. The majority of the tracks himself and has won a number of awards as well. Here are some of his top songs and album tracks:


  • Underground album
  • Nothing is sacred
  • Rides back
  • The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy
  • One rhyme after another


Here are some songs that are popular.

  • Would you like to lay with me?
  • If that’s not your country
  • Red neck red with long hair
  • Now , I lie on my back to cheat
  • Divers do it deeper
  • Jody like a melody
Net Worth

David’s net worth is David is estimated to be about $10 million. The main source of his income is from country music. The singer is one of the wealthiest famous people around the globe. The younger generation is taking lessons from him and looking at him to be the highest level. David lives a lavish life and enjoys interacting with his fans via social media.

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