Competitive Intelligence in SEO & Social Media: When launching a new website into a crowded market or when established websites want to keep an eye on their rivals, it is imperative and of utmost importance to understand what your competitors are doing online. Knowing what your competitors are doing in the SEO and social media sphere can help you better understand their online marketing plan and enable you to copy what is working for them and come up with new ideas to stay proactive.

Additionally, by knowing what your rivals are doing in terms of on-site SEO, link building, social media marketing, creating third-party properties, and other search marketing strategies, you can spot potential new threats that are climbing the rankings and discover strategies that are working for them (or not), which you can then improve upon and use to your advantage in your overall marketing plan.

Finding the Competitors

Examining the search results for your most popular keywords is the first step in determining who your online competitors are. Don’t only focus on the keywords that generate the most traffic; also, consider your longtail keywords and those that generate the most leads, sales, or phone calls.

By contrasting the websites you compete with in these distinct keyphrase groupings, you can more or less pinpoint specific competitive strategies you may study and keep an eye on. You should keep an eye on the following websites that might not show up for your primary keyphrases in the search engine results.

What is competitive analysis in social media?

A competitive analysis compares your strengths and shortcomings to those of your rivals in order to see how they compare to your own. By comparing your own performance to that of the top players in your sector, you may spot areas for improvement as well as tactics that aren’t working as effectively as they could. You will benefit especially from a competitive study of social media:

●  Find out who your social media rivals are.

●  Know which social media sites they use and how they use those sites

●  Recognize the effectiveness of their social media approach.

●  Check how you are performing in the rival circle with the help of social media.

●  Determine the societal dangers to your company.

Verify who is listed in Google’s rankings for those keywords.

Enter Google with the top five or ten keywords that are most pertinent to your company. You’ll soon have a good idea of who your main online rivals are.

Pay close attention to the companies in your sector with help of SEO Canberra service providers that are investing in Google advertisements to appear above the organic search results since they are putting their marketing dollars where their mouths are. Even though they don’t (yet) have excellent organic search rankings, it’s still important to see how they’re doing on social media.

Verify the people who show up in social searches for such terms.

Keep this in mind that the ones who perform well on social media are not always the ones who top the charts of Google too.  Since this is a competitive examination of social media, you also need to examine who dominates social search results. Take Facebook as an example, and type your term into the search bar. Next, select Pages from the top menu.

Find out which brands your audience has in common with them.

You may learn a lot about which other companies your audience is following on Facebook Audience Insights and Twitter Analytics. Consider these companies as prospective competitors if their brands are comparable to yours.

Which Facebook companies are followed by your audience?

You must scroll down to the pages and check what your competitors are doing. Also make sure to carry on with your analysis so that you can get the desired results.

Get information

You need to research what your competitors are doing on social media now that you are aware of who they are. Visit each of the main rivals’ social media pages by clicking through their websites. These links are often located in the header or footer of their website, as was already indicated. Competitive Intelligence in SEO & Social Media. Make the following notes in your social media competition analysis template:

●  What social media platforms do they use?

●  How big is and how quickly is their fan base expanding?

●  Who are their biggest supporters?

●  What frequency do they post?

●  What is the level of engagement?

●  How much of a voice do they have in society?

●  What hashtags do they most frequently use?

●  They use how many hashtags?

Create a SWOT analysis.

Now that you’ve acquired all of this information, it’s time to evaluate it so you can see how you stack up against the competition. You will consider potential strategies to strengthen your plan as well as potential roadblocks as part of this review. When doing a SWOT analysis, you look closely at your company and the competitors to determine:

●  Strengths (S)

●  Weaknesses (W)

●  Opportunities (O)

●  Threats (T)

The crucial thing to understand is that your brand’s internal elements have a role in both your strengths and shortcomings.

Include the most recent information while monitoring social media

To keep your social media competitive analysis current, you must frequently review it. Continually include this in your reporting and review processes, whether regularly or annually. This implies that you’ll require a steady stream of current knowledge.

You may use that real-time information in your subsequent research if you put a strong social media monitoring plan in place. This method is particularly helpful for spotting prospective opportunities and hazards.


This may seem like a lot of data to keep track of, and depending on how SEO-savvy your market is, you may want to add more indicators unique to your business to your study. But over time, by keeping track of this data and reviewing it once every three months. You’ll be able to pinpoint the strategies your search rivals are using, avoiding, and even adopting. Competitive Intelligence in SEO & Social Media

To find internal positions like SEO Manager or Social Media Marketing Assistant that they are hiring for. Professionals also advise keeping an eye on their listings on and other job search engines. By doing this, you can gain some understanding of what they have planned for the future and use this information to your advantage.

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