Clara Estella Roberta Johnson: The 20th century is famous in the history of the world because, in this century, there were born unlimited famous stars and celebrities. And the USA is the most adventure country where the most famous people are born. At the same time, 21st century is also famous due to the death of many stars and famous personalities. “Sanford and Son” is a famous drama in the USA that Lawanda Page played, and Esther is a famous actress with a good role in this serial.

 She was the most talented actress in the showbiz industry and played an excellent role until her death in 2002; her daughter Clara Estella Roberta Johnson also died after four years in 2006. The first daughter of a famous comedian, dancer, and actress, Ester Anderson.

The life story

The date of birth of Clara Estella Roberta Johnson is March 24, 1937. We do not have much data about her, but she is the first child of Lawanda’s page and her first husband. The father of Clara Estella Roberta Johnson died when she was too young, and due to this, she has no sister or brother.

 And she was alone, the daughter of the best USA famous actress and comedian. Both mother and daughter belonged to the Christian religion. And her mother was also a member of Landmark Church. Clara Estella Roberta Johnson was also part of the community and provided her role in this community.

Parents of Clara Estella Roberta Johnson

About all people of the USA are known about the mother of Clara Estella Roberta Johnson. But no one knows about her father, who died when she was too young.

While her mother, LaWanada Page, married again after the death of her first husband and the father of Clara Estella Roberta Johnson. At the same time, there was little tenure in her mother’s 2nd marriage. And they start to live separately, and after this, her mother, Lawanda Page, lives to start alone with her daughter until her death.


Occupation of the parents of Clara Estella Roberta Johnson

Not only we but many other people know about only the mother of And you know that her mother was not an ordinary woman, but she was a source of laughter for many people. Because her mother was a famous American actress, comedian, and evangelist, she was also a dancer performing in small nightclubs. The mother’s nickname of was “The Bronze Goddess of Fire” because she has the trick of smoking while dancing.

The start-up of her mother was a comedian in Los Angles. She was an open-mind comedian who could easily talk about sex and religion, and due to this, her audiences enjoyed her very well when she started performing as a comedian. “Stanford and Son” is a famous sitcom of BBC and the mother of has a famous role as Aunty Esther. She also has filmymeet important roles in some famous movies like Shakes the Clown, Friday, CB4, and many others News Tech.


According to informational sources, she was the only single daughter of her parents. At the same time, her mother has no other son or daughter from his 2nd husband. So due to this information, we can say that is her apk alone sister, while she has no brother or sister.

Date of birth and death

was born on March 24, 1937, while she died on June 4, 2006. So, according to this calculation, she has the age of 69 years. At the same time, her mother was also buried in the same place she died in 2002.

The career

It is an excellent job to provide the reasons for living, being happy. And changing life from sadness to happiness. is also famous because she was an evangelist. So her mother was also an evangelist, and through her following her mother. She joined this career and also became famous due to her career. 

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