Vastu shastra plays a crucial role in the daily life of everyone as it has a huge impact on various facets of life such as career, lifestyle, finances, health and many other things. However, many people don’t believe in the importance that it holds in the life of people. The significance of Vastu is known to every astrologer in the world, from the astrologer in Canada to the astrologers in USA.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is a collection of building and space principles that includes design, layout, dimension, site preparation, space organisation, and spatial geometry and are used in the construction of buildings. The word “vastu” derives from a divine being known as the “god of vastu” or “Vaastu purush.” 

The five elements of nature, earth (Prithvi), water (Jala), fire (Tejas), wind (Vayu) and space (akasha), are combined and balanced with man and material in Vastu, the science of directions. Utilising the advantages provided by the five elements also known as ‘Pancha bhootas’ of nature, Vastu Shastra creates a pleasant space to live in or work most scientifically, opening the door for increased wealth, health, prosperity, and happiness in an enlightened environment.

The principles of Vastu 

The five principles of Vastu are as follows:

  • Orientation – An orientation that establishes direction-related facts to enable a living space to maximise the five elements’ combined cosmic energy force
  • Site Planning – Site planning is linked to design layout principles that can be used when building a living space.
  • Proportion Measurement – Measuring proportions to ensure that a property’s length, width, and height, as well as its thickness and interspace management, are all harmoniously proportioned.
  • Dimensions – Dimensions or architectural rules involving six parts: the base or foundation, the column, the entablature, the wings, the roof, and the dome.
  • Aesthetic – An aesthetic that guarantees a building has its rhythmical character by ensuring the application of various factors, including thought given to purchase the plot and construction-specific guidelines, among others.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra in everyday life of people

Every astrologer in Toronto to New York to London is aware of Vastu Shastra and helps people from all parts of the world receive the benefits of Vastu shastra and live a prosperous life. 

Here are some benefits of Vastu shastra in your daily life:

  1. Vastu balances the powerful energy sources found in nature, including the sun, moon, wind, light, thermal, earth, electric, magnetic, and cosmic energy. A house owner receives maximum benefits from these energies, including growth and ongoing prosperity.
  2. Vastu can also be used to improve your relationships with those close to you as it functions as a great neutralising factor against every harmful component that makes the bond weak. It helps in strengthening the bond between two people and improves family ties and a healthy relationship with your relatives. Vastu encourages internal tranquillity and peace and can also encourage cooperative relationships among those who occupy the building.
  3. When Vastu principles are correctly applied in a home, it bestows its occupants an abundance of wealth or financial happiness by removing obstacles in the way of success and prospering opportunities. With the use of Vastu principles in the house, one can experience exponential financial growth as well as financial dependence and security.
  4. Vastu science is an excellent precautionary path for anything that is preventing growth in the chosen endeavour. Following Vastu will help people broaden their horizons, with growth and success coming in great measures in their chosen field of endeavour, whether they are looking for a promotion or success in their job/career or want to push themselves further in their academic pursuit. One can take advantage of the number of golden opportunities that life presents thanks to Vastu’s power.
  5. A home should be built keeping in mind the needs of the person living there. It must be a well-ventilated home with plenty of space for air, natural light, and more.

Few Vastu Shastra tips for home

  • Place a stylish name plate outside your front door.
  • Keep your living room walls free of dark hues like red and black.
  • The area in front of your bed should not have a mirror.
  • Ensure the kitchen, pooja room, and bedroom do not share a wall with the bathroom.
  • Do not store medications in the kitchen.
  • Paint your pooja room in calming, pastel colours like white and pale yellow to encourage serenity.

Vastu  is popularised by several astrologers from all over the world. The spaces and offices are built in several parts of the world on the basis of Vastu. The Astrologer in London and other countries help people build spaces based on Vastu Principles.

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