The Seattle-based team behind the popular social deduction game Among Us has released a collection that is inflatable Crewmate costumes that play off the fun that the game has. However, the vibrant costumes were sold out earlier than anyone else could ever say “What are you going to be for Halloween?”

The polyester costumes, developed in collaboration with Toikido, a toy manufacturer based in London. Toikido comes in four colors . They self-inflate by using a battery-operated fan. If you’d like to carry a candy container or a drink for an adult There are zip-up arm holes that are built into the sides.

The costumes cost $49.99 for adults in one-size-fits-all sizes and $39.99 for children. Adult sizing stops at 5 feet 9 inches, meaning taller crew members must be prepared for their ankles , or more the lowest point of their bodies.

The adult costume has the reflector PVC mock faceplate, which anonymizes the wearer. The costume for children has mesh fabric instead.

In the words of the Official Among Us Twitter account, the costumes were on online purchase through Amazon, Walmart, and Party City, all of which have sold out of their inventory within about 30 minutes. Resupplies are reportedly being planned and should be available prior to Halloween.

Among Us was an obscure game for mobile until it was released in 2020 when some prominent streamers took it up. The game quickly went viral and, over the next several months all kinds of people all the way from chat show host to American politicians played Among Us for audiences online. The excitement resulted in Among Us being awarded the Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer at the 2020 Game Awards despite not ever having actually been released until 2020.

Although Among Us has lost some momentum from last year but it still has an established fanbase. In the early hours of Friday around 10,000 players played Among Us on Steam, with almost the same number of streaming streams that are associated with this game playing on Twitch. The PlayStation 4 & 5 port of the game, which was announced in the spring of this year, hasn’t been confirmed as a release date as of the moment of writing.

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