About the Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Commonwealth Health Support Program (CHSP Grant) is a service that offers entry-level support for seniors who are 65 years and above. The programme offers low-intensity supports such as domestic assistance, allied health and therapy services, respite care, transport facilities, social support, and nursing. The services provided cater to every individual’s personal goals, preferences, and activities that can improve their well-being and independence.

The CHSP is an important part of the government’s Aged Care initiative, and approximately 70% of all Aged Care consumers benefit from it. If you require additional information regarding the CHSP, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fronto Advisory. Being one of the leading advisory companies in Australia, their knowledge of this subject matter is unmatched.

What is a CHSP Grant?

CHSP grant is the funding provided by the Australian government to the approved home care service providers for supporting their participants. Before you provide CHSP services, it is essential for you to apply for a grant. Fronto Advisory has helped countless providers with business setup and the CHSP application process. Their team would be willing to do the same for you if you reach out to them.

If you are successful, you will receive a grant agreement. You can use the grant for services listed in your Activity Work Plan. It is important to understand that you can only use the grant money on what has been approved as part of the grant agreement. If you fail to do so, your agreement can be terminated.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

Your grant application will not be accepted if you do not fulfil all the eligibility criteria. Please go through the conditions in detail, because applying without meeting the criteria will only waste your time and money. Also, please note that the CHSP will not provide you with a grant if you have already received grants from other sources. To be eligible, you must:

  1. Be a legal entity type, such as a company, corporation, charity, not-for-profit organisation, trustee, or an Australian local government body
  2. Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  3. Be registered for GST
  4. Have an Australian bank account
  5. Operate a business in Australia
  6. Offer a service that is accepted under the CHSP

Eligible Grant Activities

You can use your CHSP grant to deliver services approved in your Activity Work Plan. These services aim to increase participants’ independence and improve their functionality. For example:

  1. Personal grooming and care
  2. Nursing
  3. Allied health and therapy services
  4. Social and community engagement
  5. Home maintenance and modification
  6. Transport
  7. Respite Care

Activities you cannot use your grants for

Before using your grants for client support, please thoroughly go through your grant agreement. This is to ensure that you do not spend them on activities not listed there. You are not allowed to use the CHSP grants for:

  1. Land purchases
  2. Capital expenditure
  3. Your participant’s accommodation expenses
  4. Treatment for acute illnesses or post-acute care
  5. Retrospective costs
  6. Items that can harm your client
  7. Domestic and international travel
  8. Medical aids, appliances, and devices

Looking for CHSP Application Support?

Do you wish to apply for a CHSP grant and require CHSP application support but the procedure seems lengthy and daunting? No need to worry anymore, as Fronto Advisory can help solve your problem! Their team possesses the expertise and in-depth knowledge about the home-care market in Australia. They will help you with each step of the CHSP grant application and be by your side until you are absolutely satisfied with their services. Hence, you can place your complete trust in them.

They offer several services, including but not limited to:

  • Grant application write-up, preparation, and submission
  • Aged Care industry consultation
  • Business setup and service delivery advice
  • Comprehend rules and guidelines
  • Set up MyCare profile

If you wish to avail yourself of these services, please feel free to contact them.

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