Alejandra Fernandez: a Mexican model, and singer, were born in Mexico in 1984. She is most well-known for being Vicente Fernandez’s only child, a legendary figure in Mexican society. Famous Mexican model, singer, and fashion designer Alejandra Fernandez. She is most well-known for being Vicente Fernandez’s only child, a legendary figure in Mexican society.

Vicente Fernandez and Maria del Refugio Abarca are her parents. With three sons and one daughter, Vicente Fernandez’s four children are all well-known and frequently featured in the media. Alejandra Fernandez, his daughter, wants to stay out of the spotlight, and she just entered the public eye in 2020 due to her father’s illness.

Alejandra Fernández’s bio

Vicente Fernandez’s daughter Alejandra Fernandez. Vicente Fernandez and Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasenor gave birth to her. Alejandra has three brothers. Gerardo Fernandez, Vicente Fernandez Jr., and Alejandro Fernandez are her three brothers. She was adopted by Vicente from his sister-in-law Gloria, hence she is not Vicente’s biological child. She is also recognized as the family member who is the youngest. Her oldest sibling is a well-known Mexican pop musician. Vicente Fernandez, his father, passed away on December 12, 2021, for her.

On August 6, 2021, Vicente fell at his ranch outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, and was brought to the hospital. It was known that he was in critical condition when he passed away at the hospital. Vicente died at 81 years old.

Age of Alejandra Fernández

She is 38 years old and was born in 1984.


Alejandra Fernandez, a model and career fashion designer from Mexico, was born there. She attended the university there and earned a degree in fashion design. She has previous expertise designing clothes for some of the most well-known firms in Mexico. Additionally, she creates luxury purses for some of Mexico’s largest shops. Even at such an early age, Fernandez established her renown and money.

The “Latin American singing scene” includes Alejandra Fernandez. She has also co-written and co-produced records with her husband, Alejandro Fernandez Abarca.

She went on to win multiple awards due to the popularity of her debut album, “Paradise.” Currently, Fernandez works part-time as a vocalist and songwriter.

Relationship Status: Married

Alejandra Fernandez is not wed at the moment. She was formerly wed to pianist Jose Luis Altamirano. The couple separated in 2014, with their split being a secret to this day.

networth of Alejandra Fernández

Alejandra Fernandez is said to have amassed almost $1.5 million for herself through her primary sources of income. However, this number is not surprising given that she has had successful modeling, singing, and creating careers.

She is the proprietor of the Unicenter shopping center, which has over 170 employees and is home to various businesses.


Alejandra Fernandez was born when?

She was born in Mexico in 1984.

Who Is Alejandra Fernandez’s Mother?

Alejandra Fernandez’s original mother is Gloria, although Vicente and Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasenor later adopted her.


Not much is known about her high school career, academic career, or early years. But she was raised in Mexico, where she was also born, and attended high school there. She then attended college to earn a degree in fashion design after that.

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