A League of Their Own Costume: Another reason I like this outfit is due to the red and pink color combination. It’s elegant and stylish while looking cute.The side zip of dresses makes it very easy to wear, and the cut of the a-line is extremely flattering.We are not just awestruck by Penny Marshall’s 1992 film about baseball players because of the fantastic quotes, it’s also the amazing 1940s costumes hair, makeup, and hair that made this movie a part of our list of top fashion choices too. Since we were children, we’ve always wanted to be Rockford Peaches, and this year, our dreams of a sandlot are becoming reality. The baseball-themed dresses we made aren’t like the ones featured in the film We’re pleased to say that they’re pretty similar. We wanted to create an DIY that was exciting (yes it requires sewing) yet still doable. We know that the game isn’t about crying, there’s no doubt that there will be tears that come when sewing projects are out of our realm. Happily, we discovered some shortcuts to allow this project to be a game that you can actually complete.


The most important thing to know about your uniform lies in the fact that our “dress” is actually two pieces: a shop-bought top and a handmade circle skirt. Finding something that was appropriate to wear over the head was the greatest problem, and I had a lucky break when I stumbled across these scrub tops for just $12 for a set. I purchased two items of wool to create the numbers. Then, I downloaded the gratis Athletic font on dafont.com and printed two large numbers using an office printer. I cut the shapes of the numbers from the paper then traced the cutouts onto the felt. After I cut the felt numbers I was able to attach them to the back of the shirts , and (carefully) utilize the sewing machine to create straight stitches along the edges of the number.

A League of Their Own Costume THE SKIRT

The next step was to find a fabric that would match the tops for the skirts. It took me two visits to two different fabric shops before I came across an acceptable fabric however, once I found it, I was able to get my sewing equipment. I came across a helpful tutorial on how to sew the circle skirt at A Pair and a Spare. We made our skirts just 14.5 inches in length in order to keep the look of the style of the movie. I chose to use an 1.5 1 inch wide elastic band to create the waistline of the skirts, to create an appealing waistline.

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