A desert safari in the UAE is a unique way to get away from civilization. You can enjoy camel riding, quad biking, sand sliding, and camping. You can also attend a Bedouin camp for a traditional dinner, belly dancing, and Tanoura performances. If you love birds, you can also see the national bird of the UAE, the falcon. Falconry is a traditional sport and high art form in the country.

Quad biking

Quad Bike Rental In Dubai is a unique way to experience the desert. A tour guide will lead you on a quad bike ride across the dunes and take pictures of you. After the quad bike tour, you will have the opportunity to enjoy dates and Arabic coffee in a Bedouin tent. You will then be dropped off by your driver.

Quad biking in Dubai is an exciting and adrenaline-rush activity. However, it is not recommended for children under three years of age or elderly people. To avoid a serious accident, it is essential to plan ahead. You should research prices and the duration of the tour. It is also important to show up on time to your trip. The best time to do quad biking in Dubai is during the winter months.

Henna painting

Several desert tour operators in the region offer Henna painting as part of their safari experiences. Platinum Heritage, for example, offers a unique experience in the desert that includes Henna painting and delicious food. The company also offers thrilling dhow tours and sunset safaris.

The process of henna painting is similar to getting a tattoo, but it is more painless and natural. It is usually done on the hands or wrists. This tradition originated in Egypt and spread to other parts of Asia through traders. Today, henna is practiced around the world. Unlike the more common Indian Henna, which is red in color, the Arabian version is green. It contains a high concentration of chemicals.

Henna is an ancient tradition, practiced for over 5000 years by Arab cultures. The process has various uses, including skin decoration and cooling the body. The process stains the outer layer of the skin and can last for up to a month. It can also be applied to the hair and nails.


Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable experience or just want to get away from the crowd, Camping in Dubai Desert Safari offers all-inclusive accommodation in an oasis of natural beauty. Enjoy clear nights, cool breezes, and an elaborate buffet complete with popular desserts. With a wide range of activities to choose from, your stay will be a memorable one.

At the camping site, you can take part in many fun activities including camel rides, falcon shows, and quad biking. Other entertainment options include belly dance, henna tattooing, and photography. And of course, if you want to enjoy the authentic local experience, there are even BBQs and henna designs available for the guests.

Bedouin culture

Experience the Bedouin culture during your Dubai Desert Safari. It’s a fascinating cultural experience that combines a camel ride with a wildlife safari. It also includes a Bedouin-style breakfast and traditional stories. This cultural experience is an excellent way to learn about the Emiratis and how they lived and worked in the desert.

The Bedouins are the oldest inhabitants of the Arabian deserts. These desert-dwelling people used the stars and the sun to guide them and were renowned for their resourcefulness. They are also known for their hospitality. You’ll likely be welcomed with date bread and coffee.

Guests can learn about the Bedouin culture at their Bedouin camp, which is built in the traditional Bedouin style and has traditional performances. You’ll also enjoy top-quality shisha and an Arabic meal. While staying in a Bedouin camp, you can also partake in a Dune bashing ride, an adventure that takes place at dusk.

Exploring the desert

Dubai is home to a vast desert landscape that is rich in wildlife and plants. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, try dune bashing, or take a quad bike for a thrilling ride. You can also go on horseback riding or ride a camel. However, keep in mind that unless you’re accompanied by a professional guide, you shouldn’t get too close to the animals.

Final Words:

Aerial sightseeing tours are one of the most expensive but fun activities available in Dubai. You’ll be able to see the city from above and catch some of the city’s most spectacular views. Another popular activity is spearfishing, an ancient tradition for sourcing food in the area. The best time to go is late at night, when the tide is the lowest.

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